Lead magnets that cultivate trust and demonstrate authority

Capturing leads with educative content that positions you as a trusted advisor.

51% of B2B buyers are willing to share personal information to register for webinars

- Demand Gen Report

In the attention economy, brands have only 8.25 seconds to engage, intrigue and capture the attention of their target customer. Brands need to focus on delivering value and demonstrating expertise which is why lead magnets are such a vital component of a modern lead generation strategy.

Lead Magnet Agency: We make compelling lead magnets that capture leads

The benefits of building a library of compelling lead magnets

Scale your sales

Once a piece of thought leading content is produced for your target audience, it can be used to fuel conversations at scale and across multiple industries. 

The law of six

Gaining a potential buyer’s trust enough for them to consider making a purchase requires six interactions. A library of high-impact valuable content enables brands to maintain engagement without ‘pestering’ or being pushy throughout the six interactions. Content like ebooks, roadmaps, templates, educational videos or checklists are educational, value packed and build trust with prospects throughout the sales cycle

Sales agility

A library of lead magnets can be adapted into webinars, public speaking engagements, blog posts and social media content. This enables brands to cultivate rapport with prospects across multiple channels. 

Translating industry expertise into accessible and educative content can be challenging for founders and leadership teams who are not natural educators, copywriters or content creators

It is tempting to use an intern to create content on the basis that it is cheaper. This is often a falsehood as teams need to spend more time in planning, researching and editing the content. Lead magnets are the fuel that drives the sales pipeline. Working with specialists to build high-impact, value-focused content increases the quality and quantity of leads in the sales pipeline and saves time otherwise wasted on feedback and editing.  

Our approach to developing compelling lead magnets

Our tried and tested four step methodology for creating compelling content that consistently captures leads:

Customer persona

Identify your target customers' specific pain points, wants, needs and aspirations, to produce content that aligns with the target customer and cultivates trust.

Map the market

Analyse the marketplace and competition to identify trends, industry issues and themes to inform the content strategy, enabling us to produce content that adds value and demonstrates industry authority.

Plan the content

Leveraging the learnings from the market analysis to build the content synopsis and outlining the actionable elements of the lead magnet such as frameworks, checklists and templates.

Building content

Produce the copy, visuals and designs to finalise production of the lead magnet. Adapting the lead magnet into multiple formats to promote it in social media, blogs and videos to maximise traffic and the number of captured leads.

As a lead magnet agency, Metranomic can help you develop compelling and  educative lead magnets that compel clicks and capture leads from target buyers.

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Lead Magnet Agency: We make compelling lead magnets that capture leads

The team have worked with some of the biggest brands and ambitious startups in the world

The company we keep

Our 50 years of combined experience working with over 80 global brands means we deliver at a world class standard.

Marie Tyrrell

Founder – R&R Bespoke Accountancy

“Great agency – I’d highly recommend!
I needed to develop our brand strategy and website. Using their unique approach to brand development, we have something that communicates our offering really clearly. Great copywriting, graphics and a brand identity that is spot on.”

Jay Mitchell

Director – 1883 Magazine

“Really great to work with – transformed our ways of working which have been a real factor in the company’s long term growth. The team helped us transform our digital operations with marketing automation, analytics and a long term digital strategy. The team are diligent, focused and devoted to their client’s objectives.”

Dean Seddon

CEO – Maverrik

“Highly recommend partnering or collaborating with the team if you want to take your marketing performance to another level. The refreshing partnership approach and the commitment to be at the fore of marketing and automation is unwavering.”

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Lead Magnet FAQs

A lead magnet is a piece of content that is only accessible behind a lead capture form. Lead magnets come in a variety of formats such as whitepapers, webinars, newsletters etc. Lead magnets help businesses to build opted-in email databases for long term lead nurturing and email marketing campaigns.A lead magnet agency with a team of specialist copywriters and designers can help you plan and build enticing lead magnets that help you build a highly quality email database for your business.

A lead magnet agency can assist you every step of the way, from identifying your customer persona, analysing your marketplace, planning your content synopsis, producing the designs & copy of your lead magnets to adapting those lead magnets into suitable content formats such as webinars, newsletters and whitepapers.

Working with a lead magnet agency means that you get access to a team of specialist copywriters and designers that are able to leverage their experience and know-how to build an effective lead magnet for your business. A lead magnet agency can help you grow a high quality email list, stand out from your competitors with thought-leading content, demonstrate your industry expertise and build brand trust.