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The global email marketing industry is expected to increase in value from $7.5BN to $17.9BN by 2027

- Statista

The Status Quo

Fuelling business growth and driving customer engagement with automated email marketing strategies that compel clicks and turn browsers into buyers.

Most businesses struggle with the complexity of managing and configuring the tools necessary to deliver automated emails that drive growth. Inaccurate email data leads to campaigns being filtered into the spam folder and poorly designed emails deliver low open rates.

The complex requirements for effective email automations mean that many businesses focus their efforts on delivering the occasional email newsletters as opposed to sending automated email sequences, automated customer onboarding emails or launching high performing upsell and cross sell email marketing initiatives.

Without a smart email automation strategy, the business needs to to service each customer service or sales query individually by sending the same templated email script again and again, wasting time and slowing down the business.

The business benefits of a robust email marketing strategy

Educate and engage customers

Automated customer onboarding email sequences can educate customers about the product or service, improving the customer experience and saving customer service teams time. 

Build rapport with leads

Send automated emails to nurture sales prospects, enabling sales teams to build trust, send less manual follow ups and book more meetings.

Build insight

Measure email open and click rates to identify the most effective sales and marketing messages. Leverage this insight to strengthen future sales and marketing initiatives. 

Sending an occasional email newsletter with company updates is unlikely to sustain long term engagement

Delivering personalised emails that help customers and prospects address their pain points and overcome their challenges helps businesses to build rapport and cultivate long term trust. This helps increase brand loyalty, shortens the sales cycle and boosts sales conversion rates among prospects.

Our approach to delivering email marketing services

Automating manual, repetitive customer service emails and building a scalable, automated email marketing programme that nurtures new leads

Strategy development
Build the email automation strategy based on the business’s sales, marketing and customer service objectives. Typically, automated emails are required for customer onboarding, cross-selling, up-selling and nurturing sales prospects. Bulk scheduled emails are included for newsletters, promotions and feedback surveys.
Configure the email service provider
Configure the server for optimal email delivery and security, carefully following DKIM, SPF, DMARC and other necessary security and validation protocols. Configure the tracking, automations and any other necessary functionality of the email server for a robust email automation programme.
Build the email database
Build a database of email contacts using lead generation tactics and opt-in forms to collect the contact details of prospects and customers that are interested in the product or service.
Write persuasive emails
Produce compelling and engaging email scripts and designs that drive clicks and sales conversions with irresistible offers and high value content.
Track and optimise performance
Track the performance of individual email open rates and clicks and experiment with new email subjectlines, creative, content and promotions to progressively optimise their performance.

Free up time to focus more on customer retention, nurturing prospects and converting more sales.

Our email marketing services

50. Email marketing strategy

Email marketing strategy

Automate time-consuming and repetitive customer service, sales and marketing emails with a smart email strategy that onboards customers, nurtures prospects and increases customer lifetime value.

51. Email design

Email design

Compel clicks with branded email designs that stand out in the inbox and drive engagement on both mobile and desktop devices.

52. Email scripts

Email scripts

Produce powerfully persuasive email scripts that engage, inform and empathise with target prospect’s pain points and galvanise action with personalised promotions and educative content.

53. Email marketing management

Email marketing management

Produce a high performing email marketing program that leverages personalisation and dynamic email segmentation in scheduled and behaviourally triggered emails to nurture prospects, retain customers and maximise customer lifetime value.

9. Content promotion

Triggered emails

Launch triggered emails that anticipate customer and prospect’s needs in response to their behaviour on the website or emails. Send the right message to the right person at exactly the right moment to educate, nurture sales or drive incremental revenue.

9. Content promotion

Email sequences

Maintain engagement with target prospects over time with carefully scheduled email sequences that prepare prospects to purchase, onboard new customers and retain existing customers for longer.

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