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Account based marketing strategy, training and management

B2B companies report a 200% increase in revenue when implementing an ABM based sales and marketing strategy


ABM Consultancy Services: Simplify & accelerate complex B2B sales now

The Status Quo

Simplify complex sales with a structured sales journey that delivers the right message and content to the right stakeholder at the right time.

Closing complex sales with undefined processes and unstructured sales journeys inevitably leads to lost opportunities, longer sales cycles and constrained growth.

Without the necessary content to fuel an account based marketing programme, businesses have no choice but to take a generic sales approach, engaging all of their prospects with the same sales collateral which further compounds the issue and leads to lower sales conversion rates.

The benefits of our ABM services

Transparent tracking

Track complex sales through to completion and identify areas for improvement, such as stakeholder engagement, sales collateral, and follow ups. 

High conversion

A well-structured account based marketing programme provides clear next steps to progress each individual deal. This reduces the number of missed opportunities and increases sales conversion rates.

Easier delegation

With account based marketing, sales processes are simplified and comprehensive sales collateral is available to drive sales forward. This means that businesses no longer need to rely on senior leadership teams to perform every sales task.

Buying sales automation tech sound great, but businesses often overlook the need to develop their strategy first and find themselves burdened by heavy monthly subscription fees and an inability to leverage the technology because they have not developed the content to fuel the account based marketing strategy.

Technology, strategy, and content all play an equally important role in launching effective account based marketing programmes. A lack of preparedness in any of these key components significantly compromises overall sales performance. 

ABM consultancy services: Simplify & accelerate complex B2B sales now

Our approach to ABM consultancy services

Account based marketing programmes empower businesses with well structured and effective sales processes and persuasive content that meets the needs of individual stakeholders. Being able to track sales progress and being prompted on the task required to progress each individual deal makes complex selling easier. 

Build market intelligence

Identify target customer’s pain points, issues, needs, sales barriers and drivers and map those insights into buyer personas. Setup a tracking engine to monitor specific events and changes within target accounts (sales triggers) that imply they are ready to buy.

ABM content creation

Create a launch pack of sales and marketing content to aid every stage of the sales journey. Leverage the insights from the buyer personas to build stakeholder specific content that educates, engages and sells the product to key decision makers.

Stakeholder engagement programme

Build a list of target accounts and key decision makers. Once identified, use the sales and marketing content to engage and nurture the relationship across multiple channels such as social media and email.

Make appointments

After forming a rapport with the key decision maker in a target business, schedule the initial sales appointment to engage them in the sales process and begin closing the sale.


Measure ROI metrics such as the win-loss ratio, monthly appointment bookings and qualified opportunities created for example. This will allow the business to measure the success of the AMB strategy and identify how to optimise it for higher performance on an ongoing basis.

Simplifying complex sales enables businesses to delegate time consuming sales tasks, freeing them up from sales admin to spend more time closing deals.

Our ABM services and consultancy offering

ABM Consultancy Services: Simplify & accelerate complex B2B sales now
  • Sales process optimisation

    Map the existing sales processes and build a blueprint to optimise those processes with an account based marketing strategy and toolkit.

  • ABM persona development

    Research and define the psychographic and demographic attributes of each individual stakeholder and build a stakeholder persona to summarise the pain points, issues, needs, sales barriers and drivers of key decision makers.

  • Sales journey mapping

    Build a blueprint that defines the account based marketing sales journey on a multi-channel basis. Channels may include email, webinars, website and social media for example.

  • ABM strategic roadmapping

    Map the stakeholders, sales messages and content required to nurture complex sales throughout the sales journey, using account based marketing.

  • ABM Content Development

    Leverage the insight from the stakeholder personas to produce effective sales collateral and engaging content that builds rapport and trust with key decision makers, throughout the sales journey.

  • ABM campaign strategy

    Outline the stakeholder engagement plan, sales and marketing tactics, email automations and sales tasks that define how the Account Based Marketing campaign runs.

  • ABM campaign management

    Integrate all sales and marketing technologies into a unified account based marketing dashboard. Produce a pack of standard operating processes for sales and marketing teams to fully integrate their lead capture, lead nurturing and sales conversion efforts.

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ABM Services FAQs

What is ABM marketing?

Account-based marketing is a digitally driven approach to accelerating multi-stakeholder B2B sales. ABM focuses on engaging a predefined list of target accounts with tailored content and sales messages to shorten the sales cycle and improve sales conversion rates. Standard B2B marketing focuses on capturing unqualified leads. ABM consultancy services from Metranomic can help you create hyper-personalised content and campaigns that connect and engage with your target accounts to shorten the sales cycle.

What does an ABM consultancy service do?

ABM consultancy services helps you plan, implement and manage your account based marketing programmes. Metranomic’s ABM consultancy services help you identify a target account list and develop account-level (And stakeholder specific) insights that can be used in a personalised ABM campaign. Planning out the ABM blueprint, engagement playbook and sales scripts are also important ABM consultancy services that can get you ready to launch your ABM programme.

What techniques are involved in an ABM strategy?

Key techniques include building a targeted buyer persona, aligning your marketing & sales team, building an integrated sales and marketing tech stack, creating a go-to-market plan and identifying the highest potential accounts for a focused ABM programme. Metranomic’s ABM consultancy services can support you from planning through to launch and provide ongoing management support for your ABM campaign.