About Metranomic

Metranomic is a digital strategy and capability development firm specialising in transforming marketing performance.

Deep expertise in SAAS and B2B industries

What We Do

Metranomic is a digital strategy and capability development firm that partners with companies to rapidly transform marketing performance and accelerate digital capability.

Our digital capability sprints accelerate a brand’s tactical and strategic capability in often overlooked performance drivers to deliver an accelerated pathway for B2B brands to outperform in their category within 6 weeks.

We unravel underperforming marketing programmes via GTM benchmarking to build a set of tactical and strategic priorities that shape a brand’s digital roadmap and inform capital allocation decisions.

Our marketing transformation programmes build the strategy, operating model, systems and processes in three core areas: GTM, account based marketing and customer retention.

Our mission is to empower marketers with the clarity, confidence and capability needed to accelerate sustainable digital growth.

What prevents B2B businesses from building scalable demand generation programmes?

When sales and marketing teams exist in separate silos, businesses suffer from a constrained view of their digital performance. Growth is limited by incomplete measurement frameworks and weak digital performance attribution models.

A reactive approach to acquiring marketing tech has resulted in many businesses operating bloated tech stacks with tools that are incompatible, under-utilised, over-priced and challenging to unwind from.

The ‘cheap money’ era fostered a growth-at-any-cost mentality which led to a dependency on short-term tactical marketing promotions at the expense of sustainable marketing that drives real growth.

The fragmented marketing landscape has too many competing interests, making capital allocation decisions and strategic planning more challenging than ever before.

The demise of tracking cookies is set to upend most established digital marketing models and brands now need to reimagine their growth strategies for a cookieless future.

The pace of change in marketing today is unprecedented, requiring a level of agility that many marketing teams are not equipped for. The imperative is to capitalise on emergent opportunities in areas such as AI and automation to maintain the competitive edge.

Metranomic exists to solve these challenges.

The Metranomic Method

GTM Growth Geometrics

Our GTM Growth Geometrics methodology treats your go-to-market strategy as an intricate geometric design. As with geometry, the interrelated components of your GTM strategy are meticulously planned, precision engineered, aligned and fine-tuned with the focus on driving sustainable growth:


  • Market Analysis: Understand the landscape, identify potential opportunities and threats.
  • Value Proposition Development: Craft a clear message about what sets you apart.
  • Ideal Customer Profiling (ICP): Pinpoint the exact audience for your offerings.
  • Product-Market Fit Assessment: Ensure your offerings resonate deeply with your ICP’s needs.
  • Competitive Differentiation: Understand and emphasise what sets you apart in the market.


  • Operational Streamlining: Ensure all marketing and sales processes are seamless and effective.
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment: Tighten sales & marketing collaboration for a unified approach.
  • Feedback Loop Creation: Continuously gather feedback from internal & external stakeholders.
  • Performance Metrics Determination: Choose KPIs that genuinely reflect the health and effectiveness of your GTM strategy.
  • Optimisation Cycles: Revisit and tweak strategies based on real-world performance and feedback.


  • Advanced Market Segmentation: Dive deeper into market segments for more targeted strategies.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Integration: Personalise your approach for key accounts that promise high value.
  • Sales Enablement: Equip sales teams with tools, content, and training to close deals effectively.
  • Digital Transformation: Leverage technology to enhance your GTM efforts further, from automation to AI-driven insights.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest market trends, tools, and techniques.

The Client Experience

  • Digital performance benchmark

    We diagnose the digital bottlenecks, process gaps and operational challenges preventing the business from growing at its full potential by analysing the digital infrastructure, value proposition, content, processes, data and analytics.

  • Tactical & strategic priorities

    Based on the digital performance benchmark, we identify the tactical and strategic opportunities to improve strategy, processes, tooling, measurement and return-on-digital-investment. We provide a prioritised list of tactical and strategic recommendations that accelerate marketing performance.

  • Tailored transformation programmes

    Depending upon the digital maturity, marketing effectiveness and in-house capabilities, a tailored programme is developed to optimise the marketing operating model and develop the in-house capabilities needed to unlock full growth potential.

  • An embedded partnership

    We operate as a fully embedded member of the team throughout engagements. Working in client teams, we design, build and enhance the marketing operating model. We implement new processes, optimise tooling, manage change and strengthen in-house capabilities.

How do we fix a broken marketing model?

What's Broken In B2B Marketing?


What's Broken In B2B Marketing?

  • Outdated B2B Marketing: Corporate B2B marketing is outdated, necessitating a shift to more human-centric, emotionally engaging approaches.
  • Unstable Marketing Models: Premature launches without solid foundations are leading to unstable marketing strategies and poor performance.
  • Sales and Marketing Disconnect: A lack of integration and excessive, ineffective tools are creating a significant gap between sales and marketing.
  • Obsolete Playbooks: Old marketing methods are failing amidst evolving buyer habits, demanding updated, data-first strategies.
  • Diminishing Paid Media: Targeting effectiveness of paid media is diminishing, shifting focus to lead nurturing, personalised social selling and retention.
  • The Cookie Challenge: Over-reliance on third-party data is a risk as cookies become obsolete, highlighting the need for robust first-party data strategies.

How can we fix it?


How can we fix it?

  • Value Positioning: Providing unmatched value and knowledge to the target audience with content establishes a position of authority and builds trust, attracting more in-market buyers.
  • Capability Development: Investing in capability development and strategic planning transforms marketing teams into highly effective growth drivers.
  • Solid Marketing Foundations: Building robust marketing foundations ensures alignment between sales & marketing and drives consistent, sustainable growth.
  • Sophisticated Data: Utilising intent-data revolutionises lead targeting and prospect data can enable hyper-personalised engagement strategies to significantly enhance conversion rates and ROI.
  • Strategic Focus: Shifting from tactical sales promotions to long-term brand building drives emotional connection and loyalty. To increase demand, market education is critical to drive sustainable growth for complex solutions.

What matters most?

Six principles we live by that determine the velocity of a B2B brand’s long term growth trajectory

Sustainable Growth

In B2B marketing, short-term sales promotions often attract less committed customers, leading to reduced profit margins. Conversely, a focus on long-term brand building, anchored in emotional connections, fosters deeper customer loyalty and encourages repeat purchases at full price, driving sustainable growth and enhancing brand equity.

Buyer Journey

Today’s B2B buyers predominantly engage in self-driven research, influenced heavily by external factors like peer reviews, webinars, and media coverage. Brands need to strategically manage and align with these influences to resonate with this non-linear decision-making process, enhancing their relevance and appeal in the buyer’s extensive self-research phase.

Demand Creation

In complex B2B markets, the key to growth lies in balancing demand creation with demand capture. Educating the market about unrecognized needs or solutions generates new demand, expanding the market, while simultaneously capturing this demand ensures long-term growth, positioning the brand as a category leader.

Dark Social

The increasing influence of ‘dark social’ channels, such as private messaging groups and industry-specific digital communities, presents a unique challenge for B2B marketers. Brands that successfully navigate these untrackable but impactful spaces, and develop metrics to gauge their influence, can more effectively reach and resonate with their target audience.

First Party Data

As retargeting faces challenges with the decline of third-party cookies, the focus has shifted to building robust first-party data repositories. This strategic shift, combined with the utilisation of intent data to identify high-probability prospects, is revolutionizing B2B marketing efficiency, allowing for more targeted, effective engagement strategies.

Full Funnel Marketing

Progressive B2B organisations are redefining effectiveness by integrating sales, marketing, and customer service into a holistic ‘full funnel’ approach. This unified commercial engine maximises overall performance, driving higher customer lifetime value and retention rates by orchestrating a seamless journey from initial acquisition through to ongoing engagement and cross-selling.

What sets us apart?


Retained services
  • Jobs done for you
  • Order takers
  • Strategy-lite
  • Executional specialist
  • Knowledge not retained

Training Provider

One-off engagement
  • Generic demonstrations
  • Instruction manual makers
  • Tactical skills
  • Predetermined solution
  • Methodology explained


Change makers
  • Embedded in your team
  • Collaborators
  • Strategic capability development
  • Tailored implementation
  • Capability developed In-house

How we operate

Global client base

Clients represented in 18 countries across Europe, North America, Latam, Asia and Scandinavia.

Breadth of capability

Digital at the core, our expertise spans value proposition development, go to market launches, digital performance optimisation and customer retention.


Small, nimble and responsive. We are technology agnostic and have no outside investors or shareholders constraining us from serving client’s best interests.

Fiercely independent

We are truly independent and founder-led which means we are highly motivated and free from the cumbersome processes that network agencies or consultancies often impose upon their clients.

Award winning

The team have won numerous awards for their marketing strategies in the UK, US and Asia.

Meet the founder

James Sandberg

Founder, Metranomic

James is an award winning digital strategist with almost 20 years experience in automation and data driven sales and marketing. 

James has helped over 50 global brands automate their sales and marketing including Unilever, Diageo, MasterCard, HSBC, Lexis Nexis among Others. He has also helped numerous tech startups launch and successfully scale up.

Prior to setting up Metranomic, James was the managing director of CRM and customer engagement consultancy Ogilvy One and the European strategy director for the customer loyalty division of Collinson Group. 

We have worked with some of the biggest brands and ambitious startups in the world