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Boost Your Campaigns: Top Email Marketing Tools for Ultimate Efficiency & Compliance

What is email marketing?


What are the most innovative email marketing tools to help execute your email marketing campaigns? This article offers complete insight into the top 10 email marketing tools and the benefits that come with them. Learn every feature from leading platforms such as MailChimp, Mailgun, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue and more. Uncover the tools that can complement your email marketing goals.

Email marketing is sending commercial emails to customers and prospects. 

There are different purposes for communicating with your customer base and leads through email. For example, brand awareness, lead generation, lead nurturing and content (blog posts, social media posts, etc.) promotion purposes.

Effective email marketing can benefit you in several ways, such as receiving useful customer feedback, web traffic generation, cost-effectiveness, customer retention and customer engagement. 

8 ways that email marketing tools can help you


Email marketing tools can be an effective asset to help you enhance your email marketing efforts. Below are 8 benefits from using email marketing tools in your email marketing campaigns, such as:

1. Email Marketing Automation


Investing in an email marketing tool can help you complete a number of email marketing processes through automation. For example, sending welcome emails to new customers, lead nurturing emails, subscription expiration emails and much more. 

Email marketing automation can help lead to a range of benefits, such as customer loyalty,  customer experience personalisation, customer retention and lead generation.  

2. Cost Effectiveness


Utilising email marketing tools for your email marketing strategy can be a cost-effective approach for several reasons. For example, email marketing can reach a more expansive target audience through regular drip marketing. 

3. Automatic Email Response


Email marketing tools can help quickly respond to customer emails through an autoresponder. There are a number of email marketing tools that come with an autoresponder feature such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Hubspot and more. 

An autoresponder can assist you with immediate email follow-ups. As a result, this helps ensure that your customers feel valued and engaged with your product and services. 

4. Efficient email personalisation


Marketing automation tools can be a great asset for personalising your email marketing campaigns. As a result, they come with ready-made or customisable email templates. 

Tools such as Zoho, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Cakemail and more offer templates for a range of email purposes, such as birthdays, product announcement or confirmation emails. 

5. Specific email list


Using email marketing tools can assist you in creating different email list segmentation such as demographics, purchasing history, product interests and more to help you create tailored and customer focused email marketing campaigns.  

6. Email metric tracking


Email marketing tools can be an effective asset for tracking several email metrics, such as email click-through rate, email open rate, email bounce rate, email conversion rate and much more. Tracking email metrics can benefit you for many reasons. For example, it can lead to improvements in lead generation, email list growth, customer engagement email content enhancement. 

7. Email list expansion


Implementing email marketing tools into your email marketing strategy can help expand your email list through a ‘social share’ feature. 

An efficient feature that includes a simple drop button to help your customers share your email on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. 

8. Mobile responsive


Email marketing tools include mobile-friendly templates that are designed for mobile adaptability. Mobile friendly email designs can help lead to improvements in click-through rates, customer engagement, omni-channel communication and much more. 

Standard uses of email marketing tools
Standard uses of email marketing tools: Unlock the top 8 uses for marketing tools with this engaging infographic, from email templates, email scheduler to email mapping. As a result, this visual aid can help you understand the features of email marketing and help you discover which ones best suit your email marketing goals.

What are the top 7 email marketing tools for B2B?


Below are the different types of email marketing tools that can help you reach your email marketing goals. These could include boosting email engagement, improving email click-through rates, expanding your brand or increasing your email open rate.

1. Mailjet


An ideal all-in-one email marketing solution that can help you design, manage and send your email marketing campaigns. 

Mailijet is a robust email marketing tool that comes with a range of effective features such as drag-and-drop editor, drip sequences, email automation, email templates, A/B testing, email analytics, advanced segmentation and email personalisation. 

These features can be an essential asset for your email marketing campaigns for sending out scheduled emails, managing your email contacts list, collaborating with your sales & marketing teams and improving email deliverability. 

2. Mailgun


Mailgun is a cloud-based email marketing tool that can help you create, send and track your emails. 

An effective email marketing solution that can help enhance your email marketing strategy with a range of features such as real time email analytics, email scheduling, email automation, Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) integration, bulk email verification, inbound routing and much more. 

A range of useful features that can help you with different email marketing tasks, such as helping you send emails to the correct inboxes, reduce email spam, record your incoming & outgoing emails and respond quickly to customer email queries. Mailgun can also lead to improvements in customer click rates and email deliverability. 

3. ActiveCampaign


A popular email marketing tool that can help you create and send effective emails to your customer base. 

ActiveCampaign can be great to use because it comes with features such as drag-and-drop builder, email A/B testing, CRM integration, ready-made email templates, report customisation, email list segmentation, user interface and predictive email content. 

A robust set of features that can help lead to improvements in email list growth, customer engagement, email personalisation, social share and much more. 

4. HubSpot Email Marketing


An ideal email marketing solution that can help you design and send personalised emails to help enhance your customers’ experience. 

Hubspot email marketing comes with several features, such as drag-and-drop editor, contact list management, A/B testing, ready-made email templates, customer relationship management (CRM) integration and much more on offer. 

Hubspot’s features can help you enhance your customer experience, personalise & segment your email campaigns and boost your customer email click-through rates. 

5. Sendinblue


Email marketing tools for B2B like Sendinblue can help you automate your email marketing campaigns. 

Sendinblue comes with amazing features such as A/B testing, email customisation, drag-and-drop editor, ready-made email templates, stock images and advanced real-time reports.

These features can support you with the creation of your email marketing campaigns, improve your email deliverability and much more. 

6. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is an essential tool that can support you for creating, sending, tracking and scheduling your emails. 

An effective email marketing solution that comes with a range of in-depth features such as drag-and-drop builder, email automation, real-time analytics, contact list segmentation, stock images and ready-made email templates. 

These features can be great to use because they can help you create personalised emails which can help lead to improvements in customer engagement, customer retention and customer base expansion. 

7. Constant Contact


An impactful email marketing tool that can help you create desired email marketing campaigns. 

Constant contact comes with features such as email contact management, ready-made responsive templates, real-time email tracking and social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) integration. 

An ideal set of features that can help you track your outgoing & incoming emails and store, track and organise your email contacts. 

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