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Maximise Your Reach: Master Email Marketing Benefits for ROI, Retention & Brand Growth

B2B email marketing benefits, tips and what to avoid


This article unlocks the top 9 benefits of email marketing. Uncover the 3 biggest email marketing mistakes you should avoid to help you reap the rewards. In this blog you will learn the advantages of building a quality email list, sending a variety of email formats, segmenting your email list and more.

Email marketing is distributing emails across a list of contracts. It’s used to advise and inform these contacts of upcoming deals and business news, as well as help you drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Instead of producing and sending generic emails on mass, many businesses find success by customising emails to appeal to specific customer segments. This can be done quickly and efficiently with marketing automation and provides a personalised experience for contacts.

Email marketing statistics
Email marketing statistics: A helpful visual aid that contains 4 different stats for email marketing. With these engaging email marketing statistics, you can identify the advantages that email marketing has for B2B marketing.

Unlock the 9 advantages of email marketing


Implementing email marketing into your marketing campaigns can help you achieve your marketing goals and much more. Below are the benefits of email marketing:

1. Effectively drive sales


Email marketing can be one of the best ways to expand your brand reach and boost sales for your business. 

2. Boost customer engagement


There are a range of email marketing benefits such as being able to elevate buyer engagement at a quicker rate. 

3. Cost Effective


Reach your audience and expand your email list with email marketing, an effective and cost-effective approach. 

4. Maintain customer engagement


Maintain consistent buyer engagement with email marketing on a weekly basis, and keep them up to tabs on your latest promotions, products, content and more.

5. Easily personalise your messages


Simply personalise your email marketing messages through list segmentation and merge fields to boost email open rates and email click-through rates. 

6. Email automation


Efficiently and effectively reach your email list with email automation. There are different email marketing campaigns you can automate to generate conversions and expand brand reach, such as including automated drip campaigns, automated welcome emails and more.  

7. Boost your SEO


Email marketing can be a great way to improve SEO and climb up the Google rankings by driving back-link growth to your domain. Content from your emails can align with web content, which can generate a higher keyword density and a boost in CTR across your multiple marketing channels. 

8. Direct communication with your audience


Email marketing can be an effective way to directly engage with your email list. An excellent way to boost brand loyalty, brand engagement, buyer satisfaction, and brand awareness. 

9. Control your marketing campaigns


Unlike social media marketing, you’ll be able to maintain control over your contact list without the risk of losing them. 

Overall, email marketing is an excellent choice for your marketing initiatives because not only is it cost-effective, it can also help you reach and communicate with leads at scale. 

Top benefits of using email marketing
Top benefits of using email marketing: An overview of the top ten benefits of using email marketing, ranging from cost-effectiveness, personalised messaging to a boost in brand awareness. A helpful aid that can promote the importance of email marketing and inspire you to use this approach in your marketing campaigns.

What are the do’s and don’ts of email marketing?


Email marketing can be an excellent form of marketing for your business when done right. However, when done wrongly, it can lead to problems such as SPAM, low email open rates and high unsubscribe rates. Below are 6 ways you can avoid these mistakes and achieve the benefits of email marketing. 

Do build a quality email list


Buying an email list with unqualified leads that won’t open or click your emails can be a bad plan to follow for email marketing. An excellent way to re-engage with inactive subscribers is to send re-engagement campaigns to boost their engagement levels. 

Do send a variety of email formats


Sending a range of different email formats such as long-form emails, short-form emails or emails with graphics can keep your audience engaged and boost their appeal to your brand, product and services. A variety of email formats can lead to a number of email marketing benefits such as a boost in buyer engagement, email clicks and expand your brand reach. 

Do test your subject lines


Maintain engaging and eye-catching email subject lines through A/B testing. There are different ways you can effectively do this, such as comparing the performance of your subject lines and measuring your audience’s open email open rates to see how your audience reacts. 

Don’t send generic email in bulk


It can be frustrating for subscribers to receive an email that is irrelevant to their needs or is repetitive. A way of avoiding this is by segmenting your email list to their needs and pain points. For example, below is a clear example:

  • Potential home sellers or buyers
  • Homeowners trying to sell their home
  • Homeowners who are happy with their home

Segmenting your email list can help you send relevant content to the correct subscriber. As a result, it can help improve your email open rate and email click through rate. 

Don’t send emails all at once


Sending emails to everyone in your email list at the same time can be ineffective because your subscribers may live in different time zones and won’t see your emails. An effective way to solve this issue is by scheduling your emails to the correct time zones. Email scheduling can also help you send emails at the highest opening times. As a result, this improves your email open rates and email engagement. 

Don’t include videos in your email


Including videos in your email may slow your email load rate and affect accessibility for those on other devices. An effective way of including videos in your email with no disruption is by including a link or a screenshot of your video on your website. Including one of or the other can lead to a number of email marketing benefits such as a rise in email open rates and a boost in email clicks. 

Try continuously changing and adapting your email formats to the needs and expectations of your target audience. Doing this can help you achieve many of the advantages of email marketing. For example, boosting your email open rates, email click-through rates, email engagement, and buyer engagement. 

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