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Developing the CRM blueprint, CRM operating framework and deployment roadmap

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Translating business requirements into a detailed CRM roadmap that is tailored for the organisation and individual team member’s requirements. Facilitating sales transformation with a best practice CRM strategy drives CRM adoption in the business which improves sales conversion rates and sales productivity. 

UK CRM Agency: Our CRM strategy framework helps you scale sales faster

The benefits of using a CRM strategy framework

Align existing processes

Ensure that the CRM solution is configured in alignment with existing business processes, minimising disruption and building an intuitive set of CRM processes that fit the organisation.

Immediate sales performance gains

Streamline manual and repetitive sales tasks and receive notifications of pending tasks required to progress deals, improving sales productivity.

Accurate vendor selection

Defining business requirements and the CRM technical specifications ensures businesses minimise the risk of investing in a system which is incompatible with pre-existing internal systems or tools.

One of the biggest mistakes a business leader can make is purchasing CRM technology without fully understanding business requirements and technical specifications.

The result is usually a lack of adoption and incompatibility with other internal systems.

With a comprehensive CRM strategy in place, organisations can define exactly how CRM will enable and drive sales forward. A clear cut blueprint that outlines how CRM will integrate with existing systems, where it will align with existing processes and how it will drive efficiency.

Our approach to CRM strategy

Our three step approach to developing a robust CRM strategy

Map the CRM objectives

Define any sales and operational objectives for the CRM system. Map those objectives into a set of CRM workflows and objectives that align with existing processes and integrate with existing tools.

CRM Specifications

Translate the CRM objectives into a set of functional and technical CRM specifications and evaluate vendors based on those specifications to ensure the business has a fully optimised sales tech stack and CRM solution.

Deployment roadmap and operating framework

Build a roadmap with defined timelines for CRM configuration, integrations and deployment. Produce an operating framework which outlines CRM workflows and processes to enable the business to drive their CRM initiative forward.

A methodical and structured approach to developing the CRM strategy ensures that all systems are compatible and all processes and workflows are fully functional. This maximises CRM adoption and delivers an uplift in sales productivity and performance. 

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UK CRM Agency: Our CRM strategy framework helps you scale sales faster

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