CRM reporting and dashboarding

Translating business KPIs into measurable metrics and building visual CRM dashboards.

82% of organisations use CRM for sales reporting

- Grandview Research

Accurate CRM reports and dashboards give businesses clarity over their sales performance and the ability to more accurately forecast future revenue.

CRM Reporting Services: CRM Dashboards for accurate sales forecasts

The benefits of CRM reporting and dashboards

Visualise and track sales

Track the performance of the sales funnel, monitor deal progression and measure sales conversions using CRM dashboards that have easy-to-understand data visualisations.

Track sales performance

Track sales performance against specific targets such as number of sales calls, meetings,  proposals issued and percentage of deals won.

Sales forecasting

More accurately forecast revenue and sales based on historic sales performance. Factor in sales pipeline value, average time to close a deal, and average close rates to get a clear picture of how the business is performing now and is likely to grow tomorrow.

Businesses often lack clarity around sales performance, which can result in businesses making capital allocation mistakes or taking an overly frugal approach to business investment which constrains growth

With total transparency around sales performance and accurate sales forecasting, businesses can confidently invest in initiatives to grow their business. Equally, businesses can identify sales performance issues earlier, enabling them to better control cash flow and be more agile to their changed circumstances.

Fuel long term growth with accurate CRM reporting. UK crm dashboards

Our approach to CRM reporting and dashboards

Our three-step process to building powerful CRM reports and dashboards

Define business KPIs

Translate business targets into measurable metrics that can be tracked within the CRM system.

Configure dashboards

Gage overall business performance by configuring dashboards that track KPIS against business targets.

Deploy CRM dashboards

Deploy custom CRM dashboards to enable the business to track performance using the most meaningful metrics.

CRM reports and dashboards allow businesses to gain complete clarity over sales performance and more accurately predict future sales and revenue. This enables businesses to make more informed capital allocation decisions to fuel their long term growth.

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CRM Reporting Services: CRM Dashboards for accurate sales forecasts

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