Tailored CRM integrations and consulting

CRM integrations for tailored sales workflows, data synchronisation and sales automation

37% of CRM implementations fail. The most common reasons being a lack of strategy, undefined processes and a failure to tailor CRM systems to the needs of the people using them

- Forrester

A CRM system that is fully integrated into the wider toolset of the organisation delivers significant operational efficiencies, ensures sales and marketing integration and improves the accuracy of sales reporting and revenue forecasting

CRM Outsourcing Services: Tailored CRM Integrations without the hassle

The benefits of custom CRM integrations

Tailored workflows

Placing CRM at the heart of sales and marketing by building CRM integrations with existing tools and datasets and streamlining existing sales workflows.

Seamless migration

Building custom integrations with a new CRM system ensures that existing working practices can continue with minimum disruption, paving the way for a seamless CRM migration.

A single source of truth

By integrating all existing sales and marketing tools into CRM, businesses can create a centralised view of performance, incorporating marketing and sales analytics, operations data and other vital sales knowledge.

Businesss often pay a premium for a developer without any CRM specialism to set up their CRM integrations.

Without the CRM strategy or integration planning expertise, the develop delivers a suboptimal CRM setup that doesn’t fully meet the business’s needs.

By integrating customer data records, sales history, marketing analytics, project management and data from existing tools into the CRM, sales, marketing and operations are able to better collaborate together. This collaboration helps businesses deliver a seamless sales journey and better customer experience, thereby increasing customer retention and sales conversion rates.

Our approach to building custom CRM integrations

Our three-step approach to robust, tailored CRM integrations

Integration blueprint

Mapping the existing sales, marketing, and operations tech stack. Developing an integration blueprint that incorporates all existing tools to deliver a fully integrated operating model with CRM at its heart.

Custom CRM integrations

Developing all custom CRM integrations across the sales, marketing and operations tech stack.

Testing and deployment

Testing each custom CRM integration and fixing any bugs to deploy a fully functional sales hub with the CRM system at the heart.

By building a fully integrated CRM solution, businesses can dramatically improve productivity, collaboration, and organisational agility.

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CRM Outsourcing Services: Tailored CRM Integrations without the hassle

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