CRM content development services

Producing CRM email scripts, sales sequences and sales collateral.

47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep

- Hubspot

CRM tools help businesses deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time to drive sales. CRM Content is vital but often overlooked. A foundational CRM content strategy would include sales brochures, prospect nurturing CRM email templates, landing pages, sales outreach email scripts, collateral for sales meetings and customer onboarding messages for example. 

CRM Content Development | CRM Consulting Services

The benefits of proactive CRM content development

A structured sales process

CRM content enables businesses to build a structured sales journey to streamline sales operations and prevent deals from rotting.

Less thinking, more execution

A set of foundational CRM and sales content enables businesses to spend less time planning the next step in the sales process and focus more time on nurturing prospects and closing deals.  

Increase capacity

Businesses can service a larger number of prospects in a pipeline when all CRM and sales content is pre produced, standardised, and ready to deploy at any moment.

Most businesses invest in a CRM tool and are disappointed to discover that it doesn’t immediately deliver results.

Many are unable to fully use their CRM system without having a well developed CRM strategy or the CRM content necessary to fuel their CRM system.

With a well planned CRM strategy and a tailored pack of CRM content that is engineered to progress deals at every stage of the sales journey, businesses can increase their sales productivity, shorten the sales cycle and improve their sales conversion rates.

Our approach to CRM content development

Our four step methodology for CRM content development

Mapping the sales journey

Based on market insight and sales history, map each stage of the business’s sales journey and the requirements that prospects have at each stage in order to move the sale forward.

Build the CRM content plan

Plan the sales messaging required for each stage of the sales journey and expand this into a CRM content plan that outlines the CRM content requirements in detail.

Produce the CRM content

Produce the CRM scripts, sales brochures, educational materials, and any other required content to fuel the CRM initiative.

Deploy the content into CRM

Format and deploy all content into the CRM platform, ready for the business to use on their existing sales pipeline.

Even the most sophisticated CRM toolkit is redundant without a well planned set of CRM content that enables businesses to nurture prospects and drive their sales pipeline. 

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CRM Content Development | CRM Consulting Services

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CRM Content Development FAQs

CRM consulting is provided by CRM specialists to help companies to plan, configure and deploy their CRM systems. CRM consulting can help businesses avoid common CRM setup mistakes and can help them implement a best-practice CRM system that streamlines sales operations. Typical areas covered in CRM consulting are CRM vendor selection, mapping the sales journey, building the CRM content plan, producing the CRM sales scripts, integrating and deploying the CRM system and training the sales team on how to use the CRM system.

CRM consulting services support businesses by helping them develop their CRM strategy, configuring the CRM technology and integrating any existing sales and marketing tools. This can save businesses time and help them avoid common CRM related technical issues. A CRM consulting package may also include the development of best practice CRM content such as brochures, landing pages, email scripts etc.

CRM content development is the process of planning, producing and deploying sales collateral and content into your chosen CRM to enable sales teams to more easily progress deals along their sales pipeline.