Automating existing marketing processes to reduce manual tasks and empowering businesses to deliver personalised customer experiences, at scale, which increase brand loyalty.

Key Outcomes


Provide a personalised
customer experience


Integrate marketing tools to
seamlessly work together


Free up time to focus on
optimising marketing performance


Automate elements
of customer service


Automate complex
marketing workflows


Integrate marketing
with sales initiatives

Drive efficiency

Engage customers and website visitors with personalised content and product

Transform cumbersome and costly marketing
campaigns into data-driven marketing programmes with ongoing performance optimisation.

Reduce time to resolve customer service queries with semi-automated customer support.
Track customer conversations across multiple channels and engage them on an omnichannel basis.

Improve brand perception and net promoter score with new and existing customers.

Accelerate growth

Personalise cross-selling and upselling initiatives to increase average order value.

Increase purchase frequency with personalised promotional emails that relate to the customer’s purchase history.

Implement triggered messages across the website and email, based on customer behaviour to increase customer retention and lifetime value.

Transform customers into brand advocates by rewarding them for referrals and increase word-of-mouth sales.

Our Approach

We work with businesses to map their marketing processes in order to build a bespoke marketing and customer engagement programme that automates and improves upon their existing operations.
Marketing process blueprint

Marketing process blueprint

Mapping existing marketing processes, identifying gaps and building a roadmap to automate customer engagement and marketing processes.
Automation planning

Automation planning

Planning each individual element of marketing automation across social media, website and email. Defining the triggers that launch each automation and the automated workflow that results from those triggers.
Content and promotions

Content and promotions

Planning and producing the content and promotional offers that are populated within the automation tools in preparation for deploying the marketing automation programme.
Marketing automation tech stack

Marketing automation tech stack

Deploying and integrating each tool within the marketing automation tech stack. Configuring each automation and deploying all content and promotional offers within the marketing automation tech stack.