Blueprint for Sales funnel optimisation

Unlock the Secrets of Netflix & Zendesk: Supercharging Your B2B Sales Funnel

Are you struggling to meet your sales forecasts and feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of B2B sales funnel optimisation? You’re not alone! Unlock the secrets of Netflix and Zendesk to supercharge your B2B sales funnel and revolutionise your SAAS marketing strategy. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover demand generation, upselling and cross-selling techniques, real-life success stories, data-driven forecasting, and inspiring sales funnel examples. By following these proven strategies, you’ll not only boost your B2B marketing efforts but also skyrocket your conversion rates and smash those sales targets. So, buckle up and get ready to transform your SAAS marketing approach and achieve exceptional results.

Effortlessly Optimise Your B2B Sales Funnel: A Winning Guide to Boosting Demand Generation

Leverage Irresistible Offers to Keep Your Prospects Hooked

Research reveals that top-performing sales reps excel at consistently following up, engaging, and presenting irresistible offers to their prospects. In fact, it’s crucial for brands to reach out to a lead at least six to eight times before considering them lost (source: SalesForce).

Let’s dive into some successful offer strategies employed by leading businesses:

It’s no secret that people love to try before they buy. But how does this play out in the stages of the B2B sales funnel?

Awareness: With its widespread presence across social media, TV, and podcasts, Netflix has already made its mark on the global audience.

Interest: Prospects might explore cost-effective alternatives, and that’s when Netflix entices them with a free trial, allowing them to experience the full service before committing.

Netflix cleverly offers free trials of their premium service, getting users hooked on the top-tier experience and boosting their chances of upgrading post-trial.

Decision: If users don’t cancel during the trial, the first month’s fee is automatically deducted from their account. Netflix sends a reminder three days before the trial ends, letting users decide if they want to continue or not.

By being transparent and not pressuring prospects, Netflix has grown into a trusted brand.

Action: If customers enjoy the service, they’ll likely subscribe (with no action needed, as payment is automatic!). If not, they can cancel. Either way, Netflix generates more traffic.

iNECTA provides specialised cloud ERP software, targeting business owners as their potential prospects. These customers are unlikely to invest in expensive software without speaking to an expert. Free demos offer a perfect platform for addressing questions and discussing features.

Here’s how the free demo fits into the sales funnel:

Awareness: iNECTA generates most of its traffic from organic Google searches, thanks to their high-quality blog content.

Interest: Prospects might be hesitant due to the price and the importance of the software for their business. The free demo enables them to interact with experts in virtual meetings and explore the features and capabilities available.

Decision: If the demo goes well, the customer is more likely to purchase the software.

Action: The product is either purchased or not.

In the service industry, video demos have gained popularity, especially for products that are complex or difficult to explain.

Zendesk, which offers a wide variety of remote work tools, takes this approach a step further by personalising their video demos to maximise sales conversions.

How do personalised video demos fit into the AIDA sales funnel?

Awareness: Zendesk utilises social media, referrals, press releases, PPC ads, and content marketing strategies like blogs and podcasts to build their reputation.

Interest: Zendesk’s personalised video demo captures prospects’ interest by demonstrating the product’s capabilities and addressing their unique concerns.

Decision: Armed with comprehensive information about Zendesk, a lead will either invest in the product or realise it’s not a good fit for them.

Action: If the customer invests, Zendesk guides them through deploying the solution within their business.

How can an automated sales funnel help increase revenue and make your customers loyal? Find out now in this framework to automation.

5 steps to a successful sales funnel. The exact five steps you need to build a profitable sales funnel for your business. A complete breakdown of the content, emails and processes needed to help you speed up your sales performance.

Master the Art of Follow-Ups, Upselling, and Cross-Selling: Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates and Smash Sales Forecasts

Revolutionise Your Conversion Rates with Follow-Up Funnels

Occasionally, despite your best efforts, you might not close a sale. In such cases, focusing on recovering lost sales becomes crucial. Successful businesses employ a technique called follow-up sales funnels to achieve this.

A follow-up funnel is an email-based marketing automation sales funnel with one goal: reminding prospects of their abandoned purchase and what they’re missing out on. For customers who need extra time to decide, a well-timed reminder email can make the difference between a sale and a lost customer.

Down-Selling: The Power of Alternative Options

Another effective conversion technique is offering a lower-cost alternative to customers who have abandoned their purchase, known as down-selling. To down-sell successfully, it’s essential to understand why the customer didn’t convert. Reasons for abandoning a purchase might include:

  • Price
  • Lack of relevance
  • Not ready to buy yet
  • Disliking your content or brand
  • Insufficient assistance during the decision-making process

If a customer believes your product isn’t a good fit or is beyond their budget, they’re unlikely to make a purchase. To address this, try implementing these four powerful down-selling techniques, vital for a top-notch marketing automation sales funnel:

  • Trial offer: Give customers a chance to experience your service before purchasing, helping them determine if it’s a good fit.
  • Payment plans: Ease the financial burden on your customers by offering payment plans that allow them to spread out their payments over time.
  • Multiple buying options: Perhaps your main package isn’t suitable for a prospect, but one of your alternative options could be just what they need.
  • Value package: Offer a pared-back, economical version of the product under consideration. This allows customers to access the features they need at a more affordable price point.

Down-selling not only helps boost your conversion rates but also enhances your B2B sales funnel and customer relationships. By presenting prospects with tailored solutions that cater to their budget and requirements, you demonstrate a deep understanding of their needs, which can foster trust and loyalty in the long run.

Proven B2B Marketing Tactics to Supercharge Your SAAS Sales Funnel: Success Stories and Lessons Learned

We’re about to dive into some awe-inspiring B2B marketing tactics that have transformed SAAS sales funnels, catapulting them to stratospheric heights:

A HubSpot Success Story: Embracing Content Marketing

HubSpot, a titan in inbound marketing, has mastered the art of content marketing to generate leads and convert prospects. According to research by Aberdeen Group, companies that excel at content marketing enjoy six times higher conversion rates than those who don’t. HubSpot’s comprehensive blog, webinars, and e-books attract potential customers and nurture them through the B2B sales funnel.

Salesforce’s Magic Wand: Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Salesforce, the CRM juggernaut, utilises Account-Based Marketing to target high-value accounts with personalised campaigns. ABM has been shown to increase deal sizes by 200% (FlipMyFunnel), making it an indispensable sales funnel optimisation tool. By focusing on specific accounts, Salesforce streamlines its B2B marketing efforts, delivering tailored experiences that dazzle potential clients.

Slack’s Winning Formula: Viral Referral Marketing

Slack, the communication platform behemoth, took the world by storm with its referral marketing strategy. With a 30% conversion rate for referred leads (Heinz Marketing), it’s no wonder Slack leveraged this tactic to skyrocket its growth. By incentivising users to invite their colleagues to the platform, Slack created a viral effect that propelled it to unprecedented heights in the SAAS industry.

Drift’s Cutting-Edge Approach: Conversational Marketing

Drift, the conversational marketing pioneer, changed the game by adopting real-time chatbots and live chat to engage prospects instantly. Conversational marketing leads to a 35% increase in sales conversions (Venture Harbour), making it an essential tactic for SAAS sales funnel optimisation. Drift’s innovative approach has transformed the way businesses connect with their customers, creating a more personalised, dynamic user experience.

Revolutionise Your Sales Funnel with Data-Driven Forecasting: Acing Predictability in B2B Demand Generation

Harnessing the power of data-driven forecasting can revolutionise your B2B sales funnel and elevate your demand generation efforts. By analysing past performance, customer behaviour, and market trends, you can make more accurate sales forecasts and optimise your SAAS marketing strategy.

Predictive Analytics: The Power of AI

AI-driven predictive analytics tools like EverString and Infer empower businesses to anticipate customer needs and preferences, enabling targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. According to a McKinsey report, companies leveraging AI for marketing have experienced a 15-50% improvement in demand generation outcomes.

Optimal Lead Scoring: Focusing on Quality

Data-driven lead scoring helps you identify high-quality leads and prioritise your sales efforts. This ensures your sales team focuses on the most promising prospects, increasing conversion rates and smashing sales forecasts. Aberdeen Group research shows that companies using lead scoring see a 77% boost in lead generation ROI.

Personalised Content: Catering to Unique Interests

Utilising data to create personalised content can significantly enhance your B2B marketing efforts. According to a Demand Metric study, 80% of marketers report personalised content is more effective than generic content. By tailoring your messaging, you’ll forge deeper connections with your audience and drive better results.

Market Segmentation: Pinpointing Your Niche

Data-driven market segmentation allows you to identify niche opportunities and target your marketing efforts more effectively. A study by Bain & Company found that businesses employing advanced segmentation strategies saw a 10% increase in revenue growth. By understanding your target audience and their unique needs, you can create tailored B2B sales funnel strategies that resonate with your prospects.

A/B Testing: Constantly Refining Your Approach

Regular A/B testing is crucial for ongoing sales funnel optimisation. By testing various elements of your demand generation campaigns (email subject lines, CTAs, landing page designs), you can identify what works best and make data-driven decisions to improve results. A report by Econsultancy revealed that companies using A/B testing were twice as likely to see a substantial increase in conversions.

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