Cultivating relationships with social media marketing

Improving market reach with engaging social content that builds rapport and captures leads

84% of C-level and VP-level buyers concider social media for reserch and social proof before they buy


By building online communities and followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, businesses can engage their target audience and gain valuable feedback to sharpen their marketing and propositions. Social media marketing services enable businesses to build trust, rapport and brand loyalty with target customers.

UK Social Media Marketing Services: Build a loyal tribe of followers

The benefits of social media marketing services

Engage your target customers

Connect with prospects and engage them in conversations to develop rapport and build trust.  

Build valuable insight

Engage your social media community in conversations and gain valuable insight about their issues, needs and aspirations. 

Accelerate market reach

Produce and publish thought leading, entertaining and educational content that speaks to the hearts and minds of your target audience. 

Generate leads

Find and engage with your ideal customer and provide them with captivating content that captures leads and fuels long term marketing campaigns.

Deliver a consistent brand message and grow your brand visibility without letting it take over your schedule.

Rely on a specialist to implement a predictable, consistent, high quality social media engagement program without needing a deep technical understanding or strong copywriting skillset. 

Our approach to social media marketing services

Our proven 4 step social media marketing methodology you can use to start building a killer social media strategy. 

Build your audience persona

Speak directly to your target audience by researching and building a portrait of their likes, dislikes, pain points and aspirations.

Produce your engagement plan

Plan and launch a range of content and promotions to boost engagement. For example, 60 second video clips that educate and entertain your target audience, infographics, viral sweepstakes, user generated content competitions, social media referral campaigns and visual posts.

Build your tech stack

Build your social media tech stack, including tools for publishing posts, monitoring engagement, capturing leads and managing promotions and customer service queries.

Monitor performance

Monitor engagement levels to identify the initiatives, topics and formats that deliver the highest performance. Use this insight to continually optimise and refine the social media strategy.

For a more detailed breakdown of our proven social media framework, get in touch with Metronomic. 

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UK Social Media Marketing Services: Build a loyal tribe of followers
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Social Media Marketing FAQs

To deliver effective social media marketing services, we first need to research your target buyer and build a detailed buyer persona. A buyer persona outlines the target buyer’s needs, interests and pain points and is used to develop a social media content strategy that resonates and engages the target buyer. Based on the content strategy, a content schedule can be built and the content can be produced. Content is then published and your social media community is proactively managed.

Social media marketing services help businesses build a targeted following and increase market awareness via social media platforms. By connecting with target buyers on social media, you can nurture relationships to drive sales. Brands can also build valuable insight about their target buyer’s needs by engaging with them in conversations on social media.

Social media marketing helps brands to build a following of their target buyers on social media by sharing relevant content that engages and entices the target audience. Our social media marketing services include planning and production of social media content and managing social media communities