Sales and marketing message development

Improving sales and marketing performance by developing messages that differentiate, resonate, intrigue and compel target customers to buy.

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%

- Forbes

In fiercely competitive markets, effective sales and marketing messages are critical to engage target buyers, distinguish the brand and product from the myriad of alternative options. Sharp marketing messages can move brands beyond functional communications to create emotional resonance with target customers.

The benefits of a robust message development process

Cut through the clutter

Communicate with clarity to distinguish your brand and product from the innumerable alternatives and competitors.


Stop being compared against the competition with persuasive messages that position the product as incomparable and indispensable.

Scale sales and marketing

Develop a library of effective messages for use in all marketing collateral, streamlining marketing collateral production. 

With a subjective and inconsistent approach to sales and marketing messages, businesses are unable to establish what they need to say to maximise marketing return on investment.

Building a set of sales and marketing messages that are validated by data and rigorous market analysis strengthens the overall effectiveness of sales and marketing. Effective messages distinguish the brand, communicate the value proposition and strongly resonate with target customers.

Our approach to robust message development

Our five step approach to sales and marketing message development.

Analyse the market
Analyse the industry and competition to identify market trends and opportunities to stand out in the market.
Develop customer insight
Develop a deep understanding of target customer’s pain points, motivations, and reservations that drive their purchase making decision.
Frame the solution
Develop a value proposition to frame how the product solves the problem for target customers better than the competition.
Craft marketing messages
Produce the functional product messages to communicate the unique selling points and the brand messages that build an emotional connection.
Develop your sales messages
Build your library of sales messages such as social proof, sales hooks and use cases to persuade target customers to buy.

Words are mightier than the sword which is why robust sales and marketing messages are vital to win the battle for market share.

The team have worked with some of the biggest brands and ambitious startups in the world

The company we keep

Our 50 years of combined experience working with over 80 global brands means we deliver at a world class standard.

Marie Tyrrell

Founder – R&R Bespoke Accountancy

“Great agency – I’d highly recommend!
I needed to develop our brand strategy and website. Using their unique approach to brand development, we have something that communicates our offering really clearly. Great copywriting, graphics and a brand identity that is spot on.”

Jay Mitchell

Director – 1883 Magazine

“Really great to work with – transformed our ways of working which have been a real factor in the company’s long term growth. The team helped us transform our digital operations with marketing automation, analytics and a long term digital strategy. The team are diligent, focused and devoted to their client’s objectives.”

Dean Seddon

CEO – Maverrik

“Highly recommend partnering or collaborating with the team if you want to take your marketing performance to another level. The refreshing partnership approach and the commitment to be at the fore of marketing and automation is unwavering.”

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