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Unleash Growth: Explore Top Marketing Automation Benefits for Business Success

In this article we cover the importance of marketing automation. Learn the 8 benefits that come with it, plus the effectiveness of marketing automation tools like Zoho, Marketo, and HubSpot. This blog will uncover how marketing automation can save you time, schedule your messages, and improve your customer data.

How can marketing automation be important for you?


Marketing automation can help you achieve better marketing efficiency, capture more leads, boost customer engagement, improve customer experience, drive revenue for your business and streamline your lead management initiatives. 

An effective form of technology that can save you time and help you complete a range of different marketing tasks. For example, email management, content creation, SEO content, ad campaign management and much more.

The 5 best advantages of marketing automation for your business


1. Time Saver


Marketing automation can help save you time and boost business productivity by automating a range of manual marketing tasks. These may include data hygiene, content creation, content personalisation, email management and much more

2. Capture qualified leads


Several marketing automation tools contain inbuilt lead scoring systems which can help you identify and capture the hottest leads for your marketing campaigns. These tools can do this expertly, by combining different customer data such as hobbies, purchasing behaviour, age, web pages visited, needs and more. 

3. Channel and device integration


Have the ability to use your marketing automation platform on multiple devices and multiple channels such as social media, email and more to have a clear overview of your leads and maintain consistent engagement. 

4. Better sales and marketing team alignment


An innovative marketing automation platform can give your sales and marketing team the ability to work from a centralised hub and become one team. Your sales team can keep track of every move your marketing team makes to ensure that they work with the hottest and most qualified leads to convert. 

5. Boost lead conversion


Convert leads at scale with marketing automation. Platforms such as Zoho, GetResponse, Socedo, Keap and more are great marketing automation platforms to use to convert leads as they have innovative features such as A/B testing, eye-catching email templates, automated contact management and more. 

Marketing automation benefits
Marketing automation benefits: How effective is marketing automation for your marketing campaigns? this infographic gives you the 5 biggest advantages of implementing marketing automation into your business.

Gain insight into the top 3 marketing automation benefits


Below are several marketing automation benefits that can inspire you to automate marketing workflows for your business.

1. Improved customer data


One of the key benefits of marketing automation is that it can give you a detailed view of your customer’s demographics (age, hobbies, location, pain points etc.), shopping habits. As a result, it can help you predict customer behaviour to create relevant and personalised content at the right time. Therefore, improving the customer experience and boosting conversion rates.

2. Schedule your messages


Schedule all your messages across a range of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram without the hassle of doing it manually. You can use marketing automation tools such as SocialBee, Hootsuite, Sendible and more to help you send and post content at the right time to boost social media engagement and brand reach. 

3. Automate repetitive tasks


One of the advantages of marketing automation is  completing repetitive marketing tasks, such as content management, social media engagement, SEO content creation and email management at a quicker rate with marketing automation. Implementing a marketing automation platform within your marketing efforts can help you focus on capturing more leads and executing your marketing goals. 

4. Saves time


Using marketing automation into your marketing initiatives can save you and your marketing team time from long tasks. For example, lead scoring, lead nurturing, team collaboration and much more. 

Is marketing automation effective?


Many businesses struggle to align all their marketing workflows efficiently in order to achieve their overall marketing goals.

Implementing marketing automation tools within your marketing campaigns can be a great asset to help you reach your marketing goals. They can help you measure, automate and streamline essential marketing tasks. These may include content creation, email management, brand management or social media content distribution.

Marketing automation tools are a growing trend among many small, mid-size and large B2B companies. There are a number of innovative marketing automation tools such as Zoho, Marketo, HubSpot, and Constant contact are a great range of platforms that can help you achieve a number of marketing automation benefits such as generating more leads, improving lead segmentation, retaining more customers and helping you nurture leads at scale. 

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