SEO keyword research to build a high performing content strategy

Identifying the exact keywords that target customers search for when looking to buy a product or service like yours

0.16% of the most popular keywords are responsible for 60.67% of all searches

- Ahrefs

Deep keyword analysis helps you discover what your customers are searching for when looking for a service like yours. By aligning your marketing and content strategy with how your customers are searching, you increase market visibility and cultivate organic sales growth.

SEO Keyword Research Service: Grow your brand's share of search

The benefits of keyword research services

Align with customer’s needs

By not aligning your website’s content with how your customers search for your service renders your business invisible to them on search engines. Align your content with the vernacular used by your target customers to drive growth.

Identify overlooked market opportuni-ties

Deepen your understanding of your customer’s needs and discover new use cases or market segments for your service, enabling you to sell to a broader market.

Understand the demand

Gauge market demand by analysing search the volume of searches for your service or a potential new service you are launching. Identify demand among new market segments or identify new use cases to help you better position and align your service with market demand.

Increase market reach

Ensure that your website and business can be found among your target buyers by optimising your website content for the exact keywords your customers use to search for a product or service like yours.

Removing the guesswork from SEO and delivering a concise, data-driven approach to winning on Google

Understanding how leads want to use your product or service can save you from marketing your business in misalignment with your target customers. Maximise the growth potential of your business on Google by using keyword research to optimise content, grow traffic and capture more leads through your website. 

Our keyword research services

Our robust approach to keyword research services consists of 3 key steps

Brainstorm the business

Develop a set of keywords in discussion with the business that help articulate the product, service and proposition.

Validate assumptions

Based on the brainstorm, analyse the search landscape to validate assumptions and discover additional keywords that target customers are searching for when looking for a product or service service like yours.

Deep keyword analysis

Perform a deep analysis of the keywords to produce a finalised list of high purchase intent keywords that your business can use to build a high performing sales, marketing and content strategy.

Metranomic the translate technical knowledge from businesses into an actionable set of keywords for a sharper content strategy that drives more targeted traffic and grows sales pipeline.

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SEO Keyword Research Service: Grow your brand's share of search
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Keyword Research FAQs

A SEO keyword research service helps you identify the keywords that your target customers search for when looking for a business like yours. Typically, keyword research starts by brainstorming the topics and technical terms that relate to the business. The second step in our SEO keyword research service is to analyse the search volumes for the keywords and topics that were gathered in the brainstorm. The third step of our SEO keyword research service is to analyse the keywords that the competition is focusing on. Combining all of this analysis into a ‘target keyword list’ is the final step. The target keyword list informs the overall SEO content strategy.

Our SEO keyword research service helps you identify the exact keywords that you need to rank for on Google to increase sales. Web pages that are optimised for those keywords will rank higher on Google for those keywords, resulting in more targeted traffic.