Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the industry’s market leaders, reverse engineer their marketing strategies, understand their target customers and find gaps and opportunities in the market.

Key Outcomes


Calculate competitor’s market share


Understand competitor’s pricing strategies


Develop your market differentiation strategy


Identify and understand their target customers


Profile competitor’s digital assets and learn their strategies.

Mitigate Risk

Make informed predictions about the competitive landscape.

By knowing your competitors’ branding dynamics, you can gain an edge by offering strongly differentiated alternatives.

Identify market gaps. If the market needs something your competitors don’t deliver, you can capitalise on the opportunity.

Knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can inform your long-term
strategic agenda.

Accelerate growth

Improving customer targeting as you learn about the market and competition.

Identify secondary and tertiary markets

Noting competitor successes to drive future informed expansion.

Making it easier to see your market and competitors through the customer's eye can inform overall strategy, product development and marketing.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to competitor intelligence helps clients cultivate competitive advantage, steer their strategic agenda and mitigate risks in their marketing investments.

Competitive benchmarking.

Competitive benchmarking.

We dig deep into the competitor set in order to develop benchmarks for the industry. This allows us to set targets, tactics
Go-to-market analysis.


At this stage, competition is examined in terms of pricing, products, communication channels, customer acquisition, and strategic messaging.
Customer experience analysis.

Customer experience analysis

This helps us understand how competitors manage to keep customers and what makes their service so popular. It also directly informs future product or service development.
strategy roadmap.

Competitive strategy roadmap

The roadmap informs sales, marketing, customer service, and other organizational areas where a competitive advantage is essential.