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Developing a multi-channel and intuitive sales journey which nurtures and converts prospects

85% of professionals claim that customer journey maps increase customer satisfaction, lower churn, reduce complaints and raise NPS

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Modern sales journeys are messy and nonlinear. Customers gather information on social media, review sites and search engines to forensically research and evaluate a product before visiting the website to make the purchase. Businesses need to align their content strategy with this nonlinear sales journey across all digital channels to maximise sales conversions and provide a frictionless sales journey. 

B2B Buyer Journey Mapping: Map Your Sales Journey & simplify B2B sales

The benefits of sales journey mapping

Improve the customer experience

An intuitive and frictionless sales journey improves the customer experience, leading to heightened brand loyalty and trust.

Increase sales conversions

Delivering an intuitive sales journey maximises sales conversion rates, and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Anticipate needs

Well planned sales journeys anticipate the needs of prospective customers and deliver the right information in the right channel, at the right time.

Businesses are no longer trusted by default. Customers now seek evidence of a business’s trustworthiness before committing to a purchase. Brands that only focus on their website’s role in the sales journey are sacrificing sales to more digitally savvy competitors.

The digitally driven sales journey of customers necessitates brands to provide content and promotions that educate, entertain, inform and persuade across email, the website, social media and search engines. 

UK sales journey mapping: Build brand loyalty & convert prospects

Our approach to sales journey mapping

Our four-step framework to sales journey mapping

Build the buyer persona

Research target customers and identify their pain points, motivations, needs, aspirations, sales barriers, drivers around the product or service being sold.

Outline the sales journey

Map how target customers research, evaluate and interact as they move through their purchase consideration journey and plan how the sales journey will educate, persuade and convert them into paying customers.

Define the sales touchpoints

Define the role played by digital channels such as the website, email, social media, and search engines at each stage of the sales journey.

Plan the content and messages

Plan the messages and content that will be delivered at every stage of the sales journey by each individual touchpoint. This structures the sales journey with the most effective content and sales messages to maximise sales conversions.

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B2B Buyer Journey Mapping: Map Your Sales Journey & simplify B2B sales

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