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Building a fully integrated account based marketing strategy to drive leads, sales, pipeline, and sales conversions.

B2B companies report a 200% increase in revenue when improving ABM efforts


Businesses with complex sales that involve multiple stakeholders need an integrated sales and marketing strategy that engages each individual stakeholder with relevant content and sales collateral to progress sales forward.

Account Based Marketing Specialists: Build Your ABM Campaign Strategy

The benefits of an integrated ABM campaign strategy

Business agility

Integrate sales and marketing to engage individual decision makers faster, with more relevant content to drive complex sales forward.

Knowledge sharing

Account based marketing aligns sales and marketing behind one common goal. Measuring performance through one set of data encourages greater collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Streamlined operations

By planning the ABM strategy in advance, businesses can operate a set of streamlined sales and marketing processes. This streamlines admin and enables businesses to spend more time closing deals.

Businesses that need multiple stakeholders to approve a sale often don’t have an account based sales and marketing framework. As a result, they can only operate a reactive sales and marketing strategy. This sacrifices business agility and creates siloed working practises which leads to less collaboration and knowledge sharing between sales and marketing.

An ABM campaign strategy which integrates sales and marketing streamlines the sales process and delivers a better sales experience for all prospects. Providing the right information at the right time in the sales process to each key decision maker shortens the sales cycle and increases sales conversion rates.

Boost business agility & collaboration. UK abm campaign strategy

Our approach to ABM campaign strategy

Our four-step process to building a robust ABM campaign strategy

Map the sales journey

Map each stage of the sales journey and define the requirements of each key decision maker throughout the sales journey to prepare a streamlined sales process.

Define the prospects

Research the decision makers and build stakeholder specific personas which define their pain points, aspirations, sales barriers, drivers, informational requirements, and educational needs.

Builds the ABM playbook

Outline the stakeholder engagement plan, sales and marketing tactics, email automations and sales tasks that define how the ABM Marketing campaign will run.

Plan the content

Based on the ABM playbook, develop the content plan, including elements such as sales brochures, webinars, email scripts, marketing promotions, sales promotions, blogs, and social media content to maintain stakeholder engagement throughout the sales journey.

A well defined ABM campaign strategy can unify sales, marketing, and operations as well as greatly simplifying the sales process to drive growth for businesses involved in complex, multiple stakeholder sales. 

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Account Based Marketing Specialists: Build Your ABM Campaign Strategy

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