ABM campaign management services

Managing account based marketing content, data and technology

97% of marketers claim ABM has a higher ROI than any other marketing activity

- Alterra Group

Account based marketing campaigns enable sales and marketing to integrate their efforts to drive complex sales and measure performance via a campaign monitoring dashboard that tracks leads, sales pipeline and sales conversions

ABM Campaign Management Services: Nurture prospects & simplify sales

The benefits of ABM campaign management

Sales and marketing alignment

ABM campaigns that align all teams behind one common goal allow for greater collaboration and knowledge sharing between sales and marketing.

Deeper focus on lead qualification

A heavier emphasis on lead qualification reduces the time wasted on leads that lack decision making authority. This frees up sales teams to nurture and build a rapport with leads that are more likely to convert.

Higher sales conversion rates

With a greater focus on a smaller number of prospects, businesses can spend more energy researching and cultivating their prospect’s trust, thereby improving sales conversion rates.

Businesses that operate their sales and marketing efforts in separation suffer from information bottlenecks, process inefficiencies, and fragmented operations.

Account based marketing integrates sales and marketing teams behind a single goal. Marketing provides the content, messaging and leads whereas sales focus on converting those leads. Sales and marketing work better together to convert account based sales.

UK abm company: Nurture qualified leads & boost sales conversion rates

Our approach to ABM campaign management

Our three-step formula for ABM campaign management

Build an ABM operating framework

Outline the processes and procedures that govern how the ABM campaign runs and how sales and marketing processes will integrate.

Integrate ABM tech systems

 Integrate CRM, sales and marketing technologies to build a best practice ABM tech stack.

Measure and optimise

Measure marketing performance, sales closure rates and average deal size in order to progressively optimise the ABM programme over time.

ABM campaign management requires the integration of technologies, data and a set of processes that integrate sales and marketing. 

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