Launching The Zynd® HRTech Proposition: Revolutionising Young Talent Recruitment

Zynd® is at the forefront of the graduate recruitment industry, specifically focused on workforce readiness training and placing young talent into their first jobs. They provide a robust platform that not only facilitates skills verification but also matches the skills of young people against employer’s job requirements through a proprietary algorithm. This technology-driven approach addresses the primary challenge in hiring—ensuring that candidates’ abilities align with the specific needs of the job, thus enhancing both the quality and retention of new hires.

The Challenge

Zynd faced the pivotal challenge of validating their concept in a market devoid of similar existing solutions. This involved conducting comprehensive market analyses and concepting product features informed from competitor analysis and extensive market surveying. The primary goal was to establish a product that resonates with HR directors and careers advisors, ensuring the platform met the acute needs of these key stakeholders.

The Strategy

To address these challenges, we conducted extensive pre-launch market validation and developed the value proposition and messaging for both young people and HR leaders. Our approach included:

  • Market Insight Development: Leveraging over 2,000 insight sources to sculpt precise sales and marketing messages.
  • Competitor and Keyword Analysis: Identifying opportunities and optimising SEO efforts to outperform competitors.
  • Value Proposition Development: Articulating the unique benefits of Zynd to resonate with target clients, supported by robust customer persona analysis.
  • Sales Message Crafting: Developing tailored marketing and sales messages based on refined value propositions and market insights.


The strategic initiative led to the development of a distinctly differentiated proposition that robustly meets market needs for HR professionals and career advisors.

  • Enhanced Market Positioning: Through precise market insights and a strong value proposition, Zynd has positioned itself as a leader in recruiting young talent.
  • Improved Platform Functionality: By prioritising features based on stakeholder needs for both HR professionals and young graduates.
  • Increased Market Confidence: The data-driven approach mitigated marketing risks and maximised market acceptance, leading to accelerated sales and deployment of the platform.