Boosting HRTech Retention: XpertHR's Strategic Leap in Customer Loyalty

XpertHR, a division of RELX Group, has established itself as a trailblazer in providing comprehensive HR solutions. Operating across the US, UK, and the Netherlands, XpertHR caters to a global clientele, offering essential employment law advice, data analysis, and practical tools. Their marketing strategy was primarily focused on customer acquisition but the business saw a significant opportunity in improving customer retention, driven by the need to maximise customer lifetime value and sustain long-term growth.

The Challenge

XpertHR needed to strengthen their position in the market by improving customer retention levels. The objectives were clear: to enhance customer loyalty, convert satisfied clients into brand advocates, and ultimately, maximise the lifetime value of each customer, thereby ensuring sustainable business growth and reducing attrition risks.

The Strategy

The recommended strategy encompassed a holistic approach, starting with an exhaustive market insight development that included customer communication audits and competitor SWOT analysis. Empathy mapping and CX audits were prioritised to align XpertHR’s offerings with customer expectations and needs. Strategic content analysis helped guide the development of highly engaging HR-focused content, ensuring that XpertHR could resonate more profoundly with its target audience, thus fostering a stronger customer-brand relationship.


The initiative culminated in a robust customer retention strategy, marked by an enhanced user experience and higher customer engagement levels. The implementation of the strategy led to the launch of Xpert-HR’s internal retention marketing function, demonstrating the business’s ongoing investment and focus to further improve Net Promoter Scores and renewal rates.