Automotive Market Entry Strategy: Vespa's Iconic Entry into the Indian Market

Vespa, an iconic Italian scooter brand with a rich heritage, ventured into the Indian market to introduce its luxury scooters. Historically perceived as a premium brand globally, Vespa faced the challenge of re-establishing this image in India, where previous associations had tarnished its reputation. Targeting the rapidly growing middle class, Vespa aimed to captivate young, urban professionals drawn to fashion and technology.

The Challenge

Vespa’s primary challenge was to dismantle the outdated perception of being a low-cost local brand, a remnant of its former partnership with LML. The objective was clear: reposition Vespa as a symbol of luxury and fashion. This was crucial in a market dominated by more affordable brands and required Vespa to engage with a demographic that values style as much as substance.

The Strategy

Our strategy revolved around an interactive digital campaign that combined education with entertainment. Utilising social media platforms and a dedicated microsite, the campaign invited users to explore Vespa’s Italian roots through various interactive games and historical narratives. This digital approach was designed to resonate with a tech-savvy audience, leveraging viral potential to maximise engagement and conversion, from awareness to actual test drives.


The digital campaign achieved remarkable success, drawing 75,000 visitors to the website, securing 23,000 competition entries, and generating 212,000 Facebook likes. This engagement culminated in 50,000 test drive bookings, significantly enhancing Vespa’s market presence. The campaign not only elevated Vespa’s brand perception but also set a benchmark for utilising digital media in luxury brand marketing in India.