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Our action orientated playbooks help clients intelligently automate their sales and marketing to drive sales and marketing effectiveness.

Digital Sales Fundamentals

A comprehensive and proven framework to drive digital sales

The Ultimate Guide To Sales Pipeline Management

The exact techniques and strategies used to accelerate sales performance in the fastest growing companies in the world.

The ROI Of Persuasion

46 scientifically proven psychology hacks to accelerate your marketing return on investment.

The Ultimate Guide To Intelligent Automation

A comprehensive framework to leverage AI, data and automation to accelerate growth and strengthen operational resilience.

The Ultimate Guide to CRM Strategy

A complete blueprint to plan, launch and scale your sales with a robust CRM strategy that delivers consistent, predictable results.

The High Velocity Lead Generation Playbook

A complete breakdown of 22 proven lead generation initiatives that consistently deliver qualified leads that convert.

The Ultimate Email Automation Library

20 proven email automation recipes to convert and retain more customers

The Landing Page Optimisation Blueprint

60+ Tried And Tested Hacks To Optimise Your Landing Pages and accelerate marketing performance

The Complete Marketing Automation Toolkit

30 Indispensible tools to automate marketing and scale your sales

The 5 Step Framework to build your own sales funnel

A comprehensive blueprint outlining the content, tactics and tech you need to build a high performing sales funnel.

The Ultimate Guide To Selling On Linkedin

A complete blueprint to lead prospecting, lead nurturing and creating thought leadership content that converts sales.


We deliver bespoke consulting, training, workshops and capability development programmes for ambitious executives and their teams, throughout the UK, in a venue of your choice or online.

Our approach is designed to deliver actionable outcomes whilst also upskilling all participants in intelligent automation with a core focus on sales automation, marketing automation and data strategy.

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