Email scripts that arrest attention and compel clicks

Email scripts that educate, entertain, sell and engage prospects and customers

94% of businesses believe personalisation and email scripts are critical to their email success

- Movable Ink

Maximise the commercial performance of your email marketing campaigns with powerfully persuasive email marketing scripts that tell the story, land the message, present the offer and engage your target audience. A powerful email script is the one single factor determining the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. 

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The benefits of email marketing scripts

Maximise open rates

Compelling, persuasive, and eye-catching subject lines maximise open rates, maximising the number of recipients that read the email.

Deliver a compelling hook

Email scripts that lack a strong call to action always deliver a negligible return on investment. Delivering a potent offer compels clicks and galvanises the recipient into taking action.


Persuasive email scripts that empathise with the pain points of the recipient increase trust and brand loyalty.

The average open rate of an email marketing message is just 18%.

This is because most businesses use email marketing as a medium to broadcast their message, neglecting to emotionally engage, deliver value or demonstrate expertise in their emails.

By leveraging proven principles of behavioural science and best practice scriptwriting principles, brands can deliver insight fuelled, personalised emails that cultivate emotional connection and galvanise action among email recipients.

Boost open rates with strong email scripts. UK email marketing script

Our approach to writing email scripts that get clicks

Our proven three step formula for writing potent and persuasive email scripts.

Insight development

Research the market and the target customer to understand their problems, pain points and needs, to understand how to position the product as an indisputable solution to their problem.

Outline the story

Leverage insight and position the product using a compelling storyline that arrests attention and compels clicks.

Write the script

Produce the email script and fuse it with principles of persuasion to maximise engagement and campaign performance.

If you want advice on how to write a compelling email script that resonates and persuades recipients to click, get in touch with Metranomic.

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Need An Email Marketing Company? We Write B2B Email Sales Templates
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