Usability testing to optimise the customer experience

Gaining complete clarity on how the customer experience, customer journey and website layouts can be optimised via robust usability testing.

79% of users will look elsewhere if they cant find what they are looking for on your website

- Userbrain

Even the best products and services will fail to make online sales or retain their customers if the customer experience on the website is complex and cumbersome. Usability studies provide real life feedback from actual website visitors who explain the obstacles, challenges and confusions they face while using your site. This gives you complete clarity on how the customer journey, website layouts and user experience can be optimised to improve online sales and customer retention.

Usability Testing Agency: Optimise CX & buyer journeys to boost sales

The benefits of website usability testing

Fix breaks in the customer journey

Streamline the customer journey to align with customer expectations, reducing friction on their path to purchase.

Intimately understand your customers

Qualitative feedback given directly from your target customers gives you clarity around their website expectations and issues. Google analytics doesn’t even come close to this depth of insight.

Remove subjectivity

An evidence-based approach, using feedback from real-life website users to remove guesswork and subjectivity from website optimisation.

Removing the stress and frustration of underperforming websites by taking direction from end-users to prime the website for optimum commercial performance.

Without robust evidence to support how the customer journey and website layout is optimised, businesses sacrifice sales. Usability testing remove subjectivity, saves time and mitigates risk by providing indisputable evidence on how to improve the performance of the customer experience.

UK usability testing agency: Limit risk & maximise customer experience

Our approach to usability testing

Our 3 step formula for optimal usability testing:

Develop usability hypotheses

Define the output and user experience learnings that the business needs in order to drive website performance.

Build the test

Develop a set of survey questions and outline a set of specific tasks that usability testers should perform which will provide clear evidence and establish the required user experience learnings.

Run the test

Run the usability test to a real-life panel of website users to establish the user experience learnings and crystallise the changes required to improve the website commercial performance.

Metranomic plans, deploys and analyses usability tests to deliver actionable advice that can improve the customer experience and overall commercial performance of websites.

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Usability Testing Agency: Optimise CX & buyer journeys to boost sales

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Usability Testing FAQs

A usability testing agency will optimise the customer experience and customer journey on a website. Usability testing agencies run a variety of tests to identify how a website can be optimised. This is done by examining how website users interact with the different elements of the website. Elements that are tested typically include graphics, webpage layouts, buttons, photography, copy and navigation.

Usability testing is the process of analysing how website users perform tasks on your website. Tasks may include making an inquiry or navigating to the customer service section for example. Usability testing helps you to identify and fix any problems in the customer experience. A usability testing agency plans, deploys and analyses usability tests in order to identify how the customer experience can be improved.

Working with a usability testing agency gives you access to a team of technical experts that can streamline your customer journey, give you complete clarity of your website’s issues and help you implement changes that improve your website’s performance.