HealthTech Marketing: A Strategic Shift From B2C Into B2B for Safe Space™

Safe Space™ equips organisations with comprehensive mental wellness solutions, enhancing employee well-being. Safe Space™ recognised an untapped B2B opportunity spurred by the pandemic’s impact on mental health and the resulting interest of employers to support their employees. However, their marketing leaned heavily on B2C strategies, with no footprint in the B2B space, which hampered their ability to capitalise on this emergent market interest.

The Challenge

Previously focusing on direct consumer marketing, Safe Space™ faced unsustainable costs per acquisition with consumers and lacked expertise in B2B engagement. The challenge was multifaceted: developing a robust value proposition for HR decision-makers, crafting pertinent B2B sales messages, and establishing a robust B2B sales operation. The surge in employer interest in employee mental wellness during the pandemic, presenting a critical opportunity to pivot and scale via B2B sales.

The Strategy

We helped Safe Space™ recalibrate their marketing and launch their proposition into B2B segments. Initiatives included market analysis, developing a targeted value proposition, and crafting tailored sales brochures for distinct partner segments such as corporates, insurers, hospitals and educational institutions. The B2B proposition was designed to resonate with HR leaders, addressing their unique challenges and pain points effectively. The strategy also involved setting up a dedicated sales team in the Philippines, ensuring alignment with the new B2B focus.


The strategic pivot to B2B marketing significantly enhanced Safe Space™’s market position. With a newly formed sales team and targeted marketing materials, they could effectively engage with HR decision-makers, leading to successful onboarding of B2B clients. The value proposition, finely tuned to the needs of HR leaders, coupled with precise sales enablement tools, fostered a robust pipeline of B2B opportunities, marking a successful transition and fostering sustainable B2B growth.