Streamlining HealthTech CRM Efficiency: Enhancing Safe Space's Sales Performance

Safe Space™, a pioneering provider of mental wellness solutions, stands out in supporting organisational health through evidence-based therapeutic interventions. They offer a wide array of services, from digital therapy to government-subsidised wellness lectures, tailored to enhance workplace productivity and employee well-being. Their unique value is underscored by a comprehensive, bespoke approach to mental health, tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals and large organisations alike.

The Challenge

The primary challenge Safe Space faced was managing their sales pipeline effectively within their HubSpot CRM. Despite having a successful demand generation campaign that significantly filled the sales funnel, the CRM’s configuration and lack of standard operating procedures led to lost opportunities, misalignment of sales progress, and duplicated sales efforts. The absence of clear data management standards and governance compounded these issues, necessitating a structured approach to CRM optimisation.

The Strategy

To address the inefficiencies, a robust CRM overhaul was recommended, integrating advanced HubSpot functionalities to streamline operations and increase productivity. The strategy included implementing robust CRM messaging sequences, auditing and streamlining the sales and marketing tech stack, and the integration of key technologies such as email automation and advanced analytics. The aim was to create a seamless workflow for sales and marketing, ensuring clear communication and efficient lead management across departments.


The strategic overhaul of Safe Space’s CRM and marketing technologies resulted in a streamlined, highly efficient sales process that significantly enhanced their operational capabilities. Key outcomes included detailed standard operating procedures that clarified roles and enhanced daily operations, and advanced CRM configurations that supported effective lead management and improved sales conversions. The integration of automated technologies and customised messaging sequences not only reduced manual workload but also allowed for better tracking and forecasting, greatly benefiting overall business performance.