Insurance Account Based Marketing: Engaging US Target Accounts For Pro Global

Pro is a seasoned insurance operations specialist founded in 1993, serving a broad range of clients including the world’s largest insurers and reinsurers. With a focus on improving and transforming complex insurance operations, Pro offers consultation, improvement, and auditing services. They boast a significant presence with offices in key global markets like London, New York, and Sao Paulo. Recently, they have launched new insurance audit services in the U.S., aiming to establish a stronghold in a market dominated by established consultancies.

The Challenge

The primary objective for Pro was to establish a strong foothold in the U.S. insurance market with their new range of audit services. Recognising the niche and influential nature of the insurance industry, Pro aimed to leverage account-based marketing to directly engage with key decision-makers. This strategy was critical in overcoming the challenges posed by well-entrenched competitors and demonstrating Pro’s unique capabilities and deep expertise in insurance audits to a conservative target audience.

The Strategy

To navigate the competitive U.S. market, a multi-faceted account-based marketing strategy was employed. Pro used targeted content marketing, including eBooks, webinars and infographics, to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise in insurance auditing. The campaign was supported by a robust digital programme, featuring tailored landing pages, LinkedIn engagement campaigns, and targeted email marketing, to ensure a personalised and impactful reach to potential clients. The strategic use of thought leadership content aimed to position Pro as a knowledgeable and capable player ready to meet the sophisticated needs of U.S. insurers.


The account based marketing approach resulted in a noticeable increase in Pro’s market presence and client engagement in the U.S. Through the effective deployment of content marketing and personalised digital campaigns, Pro was able to establish credibility and begin displacing incumbent competitors. The account-based marketing efforts led to deeper engagement with targeted accounts, significantly increasing Pro’s visibility and reputation within the industry.