1-2-1 Data Analytics Marketing: Promoting Nexer Insight To Manufacturing Leaders

Nexer Insight is a trailblazer in partnering with mid-market manufacturers, deploying cutting-edge data and analytics solutions to enhance production efficiency. Utilising Microsoft Azure, AI, IoT, and Data, Nexer Insight crafts cloud-native applications tailored to the complex demands of modern manufacturing. Their commitment lies in aiding companies at various stages of their digital transformation, enabling them to streamline operations and thrive in competitive markets.

The Challenge

Nexer faced a pivotal challenge: delivering effective sales messages to promote their analytics platform to manufacturing CEOs. This was crucial in illustrating the platform’s versatility and capability for manufacturers who managing diverse, large-scale data sets. The ultimate goal was to elevate market understanding and appreciation of the platform’s comprehensive solutions across both the UK and Sweden.

The Strategy

We developed and launched a dual-market outbound marketing campaign to target manufacturing leaders in the UK and Sweden. We ran in-depth market surveys targeting decision makers in the UK and Sweden. Insights from surveys informed tailored sales messages and a robust content strategy, including the development of a core campaign asset, “The Ultimate Guide to Automating Manufacturing with Data.” This guide was distributed through a targeted email campaign, and LinkedIn engagement, driving direct 1-2-1 interactions with target clients.


The multinational campaign significantly amplified Nexer’s market engagement levels. The campaign generated 16 meeting requests with target prospects, engaged directly with 326 targeted prospects on LinkedIn, and drove 826 eBook downloads. This multifaceted approach aligned with Nexer’s sales-driven culture and catalysed a substantial increase in leads, directly supporting their aggressive business growth targets.