Logistics Outbound Marketing: 1-2-1 Engagement With HGVC’s Elusive Target Customers

HGVC stands as the preeminent provider of HGV training and licensing in the UK, addressing the acute shortage of qualified drivers in the logistics and construction sectors. With over 100 national training schools, HGVC offers real-time trainee updates, integrated training solutions, and boasts a 75% pass rate. This success stems from their tailored approach to driver training and exceptional online platform for training management.

The Challenge

HGVC faced the pressing challenge of engaging fleet managers directly—a pivotal yet notoriously elusive demographic. Historically, their indirect approach via HR directors yielded inconsistent results due to a misalignment in target audience responsibilities. HGVC’s core challenge was to enhance visibility and assert their presence directly to fleet managers who manage driver training decisions.

The Strategy

We launched an outbound marketing campaign for HGVC to engage directly with fleet managers. Key initiatives included deep market research culminating in the creation of the “Fleet Manager’s Roadmap,” a thought leadership piece offered free to demonstrate upfront value. This was supplemented by targeted email campaigns and securing appearances on popular trucking and logistics podcasts, thereby broadening their outreach and positioning HGVC as a central figure in fleet management discussions.


This strategic pivot not only aligned with HGVC’s business goals but also led to measurable successes: a notable increase in direct interactions with fleet managers. 1,198 fleet managers engaged with the eBook and 18 meeting requests were secured. The campaign enriched HGVC’s market penetration and fostered robust relationships with key industry players, significantly enhancing their market positioning and customer engagement strategies.