Boosting Retail Loyalty: Enhancing Hackett's Customer Loyalty Strategy

Hackett, a high-profile brand in luxury fashion, is renowned for its exclusive lifestyle products and a shopping experience that epitomises elegance both online and in-store. Facing the challenge of needing to deepen brand engagement and increase visit frequencies, Hackett sought to innovate beyond traditional reward schemes to maintain its upscale market position while adapting to the evolving consumer landscape.

The Challenge

The core objectives for Hackett centered around enhancing brand engagement through a loyalty programme that diverged from conventional point-based systems. The ambition was to create a platform that not only incentivized purchases but also fostered a sense of community and exclusivity. This strategy aimed to leverage Hackett’s existing assets to maximise customer lifetime value and reposition the brand as a pioneer in holistic customer loyalty.

The Strategy

Our comprehensive strategy for Hackett included the development of a loyalty programme tailored to their unique ethos. We integrated advanced customer data analytics, exclusive event access, and bespoke rewards to cultivate an elite community of brand advocates. The programme’s design utilised omnichannel communication and segmented customer interactions to deliver a personalised experience that resonates with Hackett’s distinguished clientele.


The loyalty programme significantly elevated Hackett’s customer engagement and in-store traffic, translating into higher revenue and customer satisfaction scores. By implementing a unique mix of rewards, personalised communication, and exclusive membership benefits, Hackett not only achieved but exceeded its KPIs, affirming the brand’s prestigious position and setting a new standard for customer loyalty in luxury retail.