Edtech Account Based Marketing: AppsAnywhere's Marketing and Sales Integration

AppsAnywhere is an avant-garde software delivery platform enhancing educational software accessibility across devices and operating systems. Primarily servicing the educational sector, it facilitates a unified, cloud-based portal for on-demand software access. AppsAnywhere supports diverse learning environments by fostering a BYOD culture, simplifying IT management, and slashing infrastructure costs, thus ensuring that students and faculty have the necessary tools for a dynamic learning experience.

The Challenge

AppsAnywhere faced a critical challenge in scaling its sales operations from the UK to the US without a robust account based marketing strategy. The existing model heavily relied on in-person events, necessitating international travel and significant time investment from senior leaders. This approach was not only costly but also lacked measurable data to drive performance insights, making it challenging to optimise for enhanced ongoing performance.

The Strategy

We helped AppsAnywhere overcome these challenges by creating a a digital-first approach that focused on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to refine targeting and engagement strategies. The strategic pivot involved developing integrated customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer committees to enhance stakeholder engagement. Key initiatives included:

  • Developing targeted value propositions and stakeholder-specific messaging.
  • Implementing an ABM tech stack integrated with CRM systems to streamline operations and enhance lead nurturing.
  • Training teams on advanced CRM techniques and ABM strategies to accelerate pipeline velocity and improve conversion rates.


The shift to a digital-first account based marketing strategy enabled AppsAnywhere to significantly enhance its market penetration and operational efficiency. Key outcomes included:

  • A reduced dependency on in-person interactions, with a more robust digital presence facilitating international expansion.
  • Improved lead management and conversion rates through tailored messaging and targeted engagements.
  • Enhanced ability to track and measure marketing effectiveness, which informed strategic decisions and investment in marketing initiatives.