Build a predictable and scalable sales system with Account Based Marketing

About This Sprint

This course teaches B2B sales and marketing professionals how to structure and simplify complex sales, shorten sales cycles and close bigger deals faster with Account Based marketing.

Participants will learn how to create their ideal customer profile (ICP), craft persuasive sales messages, produce compelling content, engage target accounts directly and manage their sales pipeline.

Sprint Format

  • 10 hours live instruction; one 2-hour session each week.
  • Delivered via Zoom video conference.
  • Exclusive access to blueprints, videos, and exercises.

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Our Client Heritage

87% of marketers who measure ROI state that ABM outperforms any other marketing investment

- Financial Times

Businesses that are faced with long sales cycles often suffer from constrained growth. Under these circumstances, businesses are inclined to offer discounts in the hope of closing deals faster. This rarely works.

Being unable to scale due to the long sales cycle, sales forecasts become less accurate, resulting in uncertainty.

Account Based Marketing programmes help B2B businesses shorten their sales cycle, reduce their dependency on paid ads and improve the quality of sales qualified leads. This can be done without expensive tech and can be launched within 30 days.

This sprint will teach you how to align your sales strategy with your prospect’s buying processes, making sales quicker and easier.

What's included in this sprint?

What will i take away from the Account Based Marketing Sprint?

➤ How to personalise messages based on lead-opportunity and deal stage.
➤ 8 tactics you can use to ‘get into your target buyer’s head’.
➤ How to identify and directly engage your ideal accounts.
➤ 6 principles to producing scroll stopping content.
➤ 6 tactics to set your sales pipeline on fire.
➤ How to stop paying for unqualified leads.
➤ The 4 pillars of ABM engagement.

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Sprint Modules

Structuring and streamlining sales processes is essential when B2B businesses have limited time and resources. This Account Based Marketing sprint covers everything you need to structure and streamline your digital sales.

Week 1

Develop competitor intelligence, map your target buyer's needs, identify their sales triggers and create your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Week 2

Learn how to build a target account value proposition, develop personalised sales messages, tailored offerings and promotions.

Week 3

Plan the ABM content strategy and learn how to produce high-value content such as e-books, playbooks, roadmaps and sales brochures to share with prospects.

Week 4

Learn effective tactics to engage accounts with relevant and personalised content via webinars, in-person events, emails, website and social media.

Week 5

Learn how to nurture target accounts with ongoing engagement, how to manage the sales pipeline, measure sales performance and optimise sales processes.


You will be able to implement your learnings immediately after the sessions. The material is all highly actionable and implementable from the moment the sessions end.

➤A detailed 5 step framework to accelerate sales.
➤ 3 campaign strategies and a library of ABM tactics.
➤ A 90 day plan to increase sales volume and velocity.

You will get the most out of the sessions if you prepare to take 'action notes' (notes on how you will implement your learnings).
The sessions are broken up into segments where the material will be presented and you will then be given a few minutes to make your 'action notes'. There will also be assignments given each week which you will be able to take away and complete in your own time to implement your learnings.

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