Lead management service

Qualifying, segmenting, cleansing and validating leads to fuel growth

25% of customer data is duplicate, incomplete, or inaccurate after one year

- Gartner

Lead Management Consultancy: Improve sales performance & data accuracy

The Status Quo

Managing and cleansing lead databases to ensure they are up to date and accurate to improve sales performance

Inaccurate email addresses, misspelt names or emails that mention the wrong job title of recipients can damage trust and prevent sales.

Sending an email to an invalid or inaccurate email address can damage the sender’s reputation and result in future emails being filtered into the spam folder.

Ineffective lead management processes can result in businesses selling the wrong product to the wrong person at the worst possible time.

The business benefits of proactive lead management

Avoid embarrassment

Never misspell someone’s name in an email again and tailor the sales pitch based on the lead’s professional data.

Find the real opportunity

Use robust lead qualification to identify the highest potential value leads in order to focus time and energy on nurturing the right people.

Paid for lead lists often contain invalid data, leads that have changed their role or are not in a decision-making position

Securing meetings with tyre kickers that are not properly qualified is a waste of everybody’s time. Lead qualification is often overlooked, but has a significant impact in helping businesses to prioritise the biggest potential opportunities.

UK lead management solutions: Improve data accuracy & sales performance

Our approach to lead management

Build a list of qualified leads and ensure that the email addresses and profile data is accurate and valid. 

Generate leads

Present Your Solution (eg our 5 step method).
Our approach to: Our approach to lead management
Most valued outcome: Build a list of qualified leads and ensure that the email addresses and profile data is accurate and valid.
Step 1 of our method (title and description): Generate leads

Lead scoring

Score the likelihood of a lead converting into a customer based on a set of criteria such as job title, business size, industry, business news and other market factors.

Lead nurturing

Provide high value content that educates and entertains leads to nurture their trust and build rapport. Deliver this via automated, personalised email drip campaigns and stay top of mind by engaging with them via multiple digital touch points.

Measure and optimise

Track the performance of the lead management strategy and experiment with new content, messages and tactics to progressively improve performance.

With a robots lead management initiative, businesses can spend more time on high quality opportunities and reduce time wasted with tire kickers who are not ready to buy.

Our lead generation services

▷ B2B Data Cleansing Services: Optimise Your Email Marketing Data
  • Email data cleansing

    Consistently hit the inbox, reduce email bounces and avoid sending duplicated emails by cleansing email data, removing duplicate records, removing invalid emails and fixing inaccuracies in the lead’s profile data.

  • Lead qualification

    Rigorous lead qualification enables companies to filter out time wasters and focus on their highest potential value prospects to maximise deal size and probability of sales conversion.

  • Lead segmentation

    Segment leads into meaningful groups to provide a more relevant and personalised sales experience that boosts sales performance.

  • Email verification

    Avoid the spam filter and ensure sales and marketing emails reach the inbox by removing malformed, duplicated, and inaccurate emails from the database.

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Lead Management FAQs

A lead management consultancy like Metranomic, can help clients manage their marketing databases by cleansing, validating and standardising databases, as well as implementing best practice lead management processes that improve engagement and the quality of leads that are generated for the business.

Lead management in CRM is the process of tracking your leads through each of their touchpoints from acquisition to retention in the buyer’s journey. This may involve multi-channel engagement tracking of leads across social media, online ads, surveys, emails etc. A lead management consultancy can support you every step of the way to help you build a robust CRM pipeline.

Partnering with an innovative lead management consultancy such as Metranomic, comes with several benefits such as helping you track leads efficiently, helping you create a strong lead scoring system and effectively filtering your leads to help boost conversions for your business.