Implementing a customer relationship management system and developing a tailored CRM programme to automate cumbersome sales processes, measure sales performance and retain customers for longer.

Key Outcomes


Fully integrate
sales and
marketing systems for better


Centralise all leads
and track the
status of all prospects


Gain instant
access to the full
communications history
of every prospect


Automate sales
processes such as
follow ups and
lead qualification


Personalise sales at
scale with automated
processes and content
that closes more deals

Drive efficiency

A centralised hub for all prospect data, enabling better prospect management.

A defined sales process that can be measured, optimised and scaled across the organisation.

Pre-written personalised email scripts to reduce time to follow up with prospects.

Pre-prepared sales-brochures and materials to increase the velocity of sales closures.

Accelerate growth

More accurate predicted revenue reporting which enables businesses to confidently fund further growth initiatives.

A cloud based sales system that can be scaled up via a dedicated offshore sales team that follow a tightly defined set of standard operating sales procedures.

Advanced lead qualification to enable sales teams to focus on higher value deals and increase average revenue per sale.

Advanced sales analytics to provide visibility on sales messages and offers that are highest performing which enables progressive optimisation of offers and sales messages.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to competitor intelligence helps clients cultivate competitive advantage, steer their strategic agenda and mitigate risks in their marketing investments.
Sales process blueprint

Sales process blueprint

Mapping existing sales processes, identifying gaps and building a roadmap to implement a tailored CRM programme that enhances existing sales processes.
CRM planning

CRM planning

Planning each individual element of the CRM programme across prospecting, lead qualification, sales messaging and the sales journey. Defining the sequence of actions for the sales team to follow in order to qualify a prospect and close a deal.
CRM scripts and sales collateral

CRM scripts and sales collateral

Planning and producing the CRM scripts and sales collateral that are populated within the CRM system in preparation for deploying the CRM programme.
CRM deployment

CRM deployment

Deploying the CRM tech and building the tailored CRM programme for the sales team. Configuring each CRM script and deploying all sales collateral into the CRM platform. Training the sales team on how to use the CRM platform is the last step before launching.