Go beyond simple audience targeting and build a deep portrait of your customer’s preferences, tastes, and needs with insight that can be used to improve marketing messages, customer retention, market positioning and launch product innovations.

Key Outcomes


perception of key


Sharpen customer
personas and deepen
customer empathy.


Identify new
customer segments
and expand the addressable market.


Develop cross-selling
and upselling
strategies to drive
incremental revenue


Boost brand affinity
with marketing
messages that

Mitigate Risk

Measure customer perception to identify looming issues early.

Identify why sales are slipping or increasing

Take the guesswork out of marketing targeting with demographic and segment insights.

Knowing why customers return or defect to the competition.

Identify underperforming customer segments to focus on those with the most potential.

Accelerate growth

Sharpen customer segments and understand long-term demographic trends

Get key insights around perceived benefits and drawbacks of a competitor's offering.

Deliver more effective and empathetic customer support

Reduce customer churn and increase loyalty

Improve targeting of product and service promotions

Our Approach

We develop actionable intelligence from across the market and analyse existing customer engagement data to identify opportunities to accelerate growth and retain customers for longer.
Customer insight development

Customer insight development

Leveraging a variety of research techniques to understand customer perception, brand sentiment, nascent trends and identifying opportunities to better meet customer’s needs.
Customer engagement audit

Customer engagement audit

Auditing existing customer data to better understand sales trends, customer service and customer engagement metrics. This helps to build stronger customer engagement initiatives that improve retention and customer lifetime value.
Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

Identifying the most valuable customers by analysing customer lifetime value and purchase frequency. Segmenting customers based on value in order to deliver personalised customer service and marketing.
Customer ambition

Customer ambition

Setting objectives and measurable targets for each customer segment. We outline a programme of initiatives to drive an improvement in sales and customer retention on a segment specific basis.
Programme launch

Programme launch

Launching customer engagement initiatives and marketing programmes that achieve the business’s objectives.